xQc explains why everyone trying to make it as a streamer is a “big problem”

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel gave on an impassioned explanation about why his viewers should be realistic about their dreams, and have a backup plan – because most people don’t “make it” as he did.

xQc is never afraid to share his opinion while interacting with his chat. On August 17, xQc gave his opinion on fellow streamer Ninja’s recent decline in viewership, saying it isn’t right to say he’s a failure just become he streams less popular games now.

Now, xQc has some advice for viewers who want to follow their dreams, and even become huge streamers like he is.


xQc thinks too many people are risking too much to be a content creator.

xQc life advice

xQc gave a long speech about “making it”, and how most people have the wrong expectations.

“Like I ‘made it’, or whatever, right so of course I’m like ‘yeah man just follow your goals lol’, but that’s not true though. You can’t follow what I say blindly.”

“Because the reality is you will fail. Because, not you, I’m not saying YOU but most people, because it’s like ninety-nine point whatever percent and that’s true for most crazy business ideas, or crazy business ventures, or crazy plans. The reality is most people fail.”

xQc continued, “Some people will make it but if everybody says ‘Ah, you know what dude, I’m gonna succeed because he said I will’ and everybody goes all-in with no plan b, you’re going to have a lot of very broken down homeless, done people with no other options.

“I think that’s a crazy big problem that people have when they listen to people that say ‘oh just follow you’re dreams haha, like I made it obviously it worked lol’. And that’s very short-sighted.”

xQc preached caution to his viewers looking to chase their dreams, making sure they know most people don’t make it big like he did.

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