You’ve been washing your floors wrong

MOPPING your floors might not be your definition of a good time but there is one floor cleaning hack that is going viral online, and it’s sure to make the chore that much easier.

A TikTok user who goes by the handle johnsonlivingsllc shared a video of the process to their account, which has since been viewed 10.4million times.


A woman shared a hack online on how to mop your floors with clean water every timeCredit: @johnsonlivingsllc/Tiktok

In the clip, they revealed how to ensure that every time you mop the floors, you use clean water.

They said to add a small bucket of clean water to your mop bucket so that the “dirty water goes underneath”.

“Now each time you dip the mop you’re using fresh clean water,” they said.

This means that when you clean the floor and ring out the mop, the dirty water is going into the main tub.

Then, when you’re cleaning the floor, you can use the clean water from the smaller bucket.

Commenters were divided over the hack, with many not believing that it works.

“Ok but every time you mop and put the mop in the water again to soak it the first stays in the water so I don’t think that really helps,” one person said.

“But it goes in the clean bucket after being used,” another person commented.

The person behind the video responded: “Right. But not directly into the dirty water.”

Other people in the comments said while the hack isn’t necessarily perfect, it does mean the water would be cleaner than it would be normally.


“I’m confused how a lot of people in the comments don’t get the difference between this and not doing this. Yes, the mop will still be a bit dirty each time but it’s cleaner than it would be,” said another.

A variety of other people were impressed with the idea and shared their appreciation for the suggestion.

“This is genius,” one viewer wrote in the comments.

“This just totally changed my mop game. Thanks!” said another.

Someone else even suggested using a third bucket.

They said: “I do the same but I use three buckets. No sense in dipping the dirty mop in clean water. My third mop bucket is just water so I can rinse mop before.”

The addition of the smaller bucket means the water is cleaner than it would be normally


The addition of the smaller bucket means the water is cleaner than it would be normallyCredit: @johnsonlivingsllc/Tiktok
The hack means the dirty water sits in the main bucket


The hack means the dirty water sits in the main bucketCredit: @johnsonlivingsllc/Tiktok

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