You’ve probably been boiling your eggs wrong

WE thought that by the time we reached adulthood, we would have mastered the art of boiling an egg.

But despite our best efforts, ours always end up overcooked and with nothing to dunk our soldiers into.


According to this expert, you should boil your egg for exactly four minutes and 25 secondsCredit: Getty

Sound familiar? Then you might just want to take notes from Nottingham University’s Dr James Hind.

As part of research commissioned by British Lion Eggs, the brand asked 1,500 survey respondents their method for creating the perfect egg and soldiers.

Based on their responses, the statistician then developed his foolproof formula.

The expert found that the egg should be boiled for exactly four minutes and 25 seconds.

He also recommended pre-boiling the water ahead of time instead of pouring it from the kettle over the eggs – as this could cause the temperature to wildly vary.

Once 265 seconds have passed, Dr Hind recommends plunging them in cold water for a further 57.

He then recommends cutting your white bread – no mention of brown bread here! – into precise 2.1cm slices.

Dr Hind said: “Overwhelmingly, we like our eggs to be runny, but not the whites.

“Hopefully my formula will allow people to perfect and enjoy the ultimate comfort food.”

Andrew Joret, chairman of British Lion Eggs, added “A classic dish like boiled egg and soldiers continues to be a British favourite, and while it’s a simple dish, it can be sublime when cooked perfectly.”

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