123MKV 2021 Website – Movies Watch Hollywood and Bollywood Online – Is it Safe?


Everyone wants entertainment in their life, however,  the choice of the type of entertainment may differ. One most popular form of entertainment is movies or web series. There was a time when if you wanted to watch a movie then you needed to go to a movie/cinema hall to watch your favorite movie.

That would cost you time in traveling, in the queue to buy tickets, finding your seat and the most important thing – Money. Apart from the expense of time and money, there was also no flexibility in movie timings. You had to watch it according to the cinema hall timings and not at your own convenience.  

But nowadays, if you want to entertain yourself by watching a movie or web series you just need a smartphone or laptop with an active internet connection. There are now many options by which you can entertain yourself. There is a movie site known as 123Mkv that can provide you everything you want related to cinema.

This website is free to use and you can download anything you want whether it is a Bollywood movie, Hollywood movie, web series, Hindi dubbed movie etc. This website provides high-quality content free of cost. There are many platforms on which you can watch movies or web series like Netflix, Alt Balaji, Amazon Prime, etc. but they charge for it and also the movie gets released on their portal very late after its release in Cinema Halls.    That takes away all the excitement. 

What Is 123Mkv? 

123mkv is a website where users can stream and download all the latest movies, web series, TV shows, TV series, etc. of all the genres whether it is of Bollywood, Hollywood or Tollywood. It provides many categories in which there are hundreds of movies. One can download these on their smartphone or laptop. There are no restrictions imposed by the website. It has Hindi dubbed movies, English subtitled movies, and various web series. 

The viewer only needs to search in the search bar and if that particular movie or content is available on the website, then it will show you in the search results and from there you can download a good quality version of it.

123Mkv website has a user-friendly interface, which means that a viewer can easily look for the content that he/she wants. The website does not have ads on its homepage so when you open the site it only shows you the list of movies from genres, not the page which would keep displaying advertisements.

Once you open a website you will see that there is a bar that asks you for the category you wish to explore and also shows the various movies from all genres. You can scroll down to see the latest movies that are being uploaded on the website or can search in the search bar to find your favorite one which you are not able to find on the homepage. 123mkv does not have its android application or a telegram channel or any other platform where you can stream their content. The users can only stream the content on the website.

How Does 123Mkv Site Work?

When we search this website on Google it always comes with a new domain.  This is because it is an illegal website and Google had banned it earlier so it changes its domains frequently. That’s why we have to search for it on Google. After searching it on Google, we get the link of the website which is 123mkv.in or .top or .new, etc.

After clicking on that website, the website opens with a user-friendly interface and shows you the latest movies of all genres. You can scroll there to find your search. There is also a search bar in which you can search for any movie. After getting the movie result, when you click on the name or screenshot of the movie it will take you to another page where either it will show the download link of the movies or the page full of ads.

You can come back and can again click on the movie name. You have to do it till you get the page with a download link. This is the only troublesome task where you are looking for something and this is the problem with most of the movie sites but it is a piece of cake that you can handle easily. Once you get a download link, you can download your movie and sit back on the sofa and enjoy the content in your space with comfort.

This website also gives information about the movie.   You can judge the quality of the movies by the screenshots provided by the website and can decide whether it is up to mark or not. It also provides a small summary of the movie on its page. It also gives knowledge about the movie writer, castings, Director, ratings, language, video quality, size, etc.

You can subscribe to the 123Mkv by providing your mail-id to them so that you never miss the latest content that is uploaded on the site.

How is 123mkv different from other websites?

There are some points that will help you differentiate between the 123Mkv and other movie sites.

  • User-friendly interface- It has a user-friendly interface with well-organized sections.
  • You can only find quality content on this website. The low-quality videos are not available on this website. Only HD movies are available which reduces trash from the website.
  • You can post your comments in the comment section for a movie that you are not able to find on the website. It is a very good feature of the website.
  • This website has very few advertisements on it. The advertisement only appears when you jump from one page to another page.
  • It never fools its users by making a fake poster of the latest movie and uploading it on another old movie. It delivers what it shows.

Is It Safe To Use 123Mkv?

This website is illegal, it is not a genuine one. The term pirated is used for these types of website content. All the movies that are uploaded on this website are pirated which means they are stolen movies. The content of these websites is not approved by any legal authority so it’s quite likely that it may contain some malicious virus that can corrupt your laptop or smartphone while you are downloading movies.

It is suggested to have antivirus software installed on your laptop or smartphone which can detect the virus at the time of downloading the content and can save you from the virus attack. These viruses from the internet can degrade your device and can leak your data to the internet.

Whenever we click on any link on 123Mkv we are redirected to another page which is full of advertisements and is not related to the movies. This type of page can contain viruses and if you click on any link on that page, the viruses may attack your device. If your data is found corrupted or stolen, you cannot register a complaint because it is an illegal platform and you were using the stolen or pirated content which in itself is illegal.

So one should always keep in mind that surfing on such websites can harm you as well and therefore viewers are advised to always be careful while streaming on this website. This website is not safe to use. You can use this website only at your own risk.

Alternatives for this website

As this website is illegal, it can be taken down anytime by the authorities of the internet.  However, there are many alternatives to this website which are similar to this website, there are only very few differences in interface, etc and there is a chance you may even get more features in these websites compared to 123Mkv.

These websites are also illegal and insecure to use. One can use these websites at their own risk and no one can be held responsible for any type of loss. 


This article does not support or encourage 123Mkv or any other illegal movie leaking websites in any manner. This article has just been written for the awareness of the people regarding the good and bad sequences caused by using those illegal apps. 123Mkv commits that no files are hosted on their servers, all the contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

They are only indexed much like how Google works. 123Mkv does not accept responsibility for content hosted on third-party websites and does not have any involvement in the downloading or uploading of movies. They just post the links which are available on the internet.


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