7 Tips For Simple Pool Cleaning



Cleaning a pool is quite a laboursome activity. Most of the time, either the task is postponed, or it is reduced to those few steps that the cleaning is not even done correctly. Here we will discuss the seven tips that will help you keep your pool clean easily. 

  • Cleaning the pool edge

Always remember the more you will postpone this step, the more limescale accumulates in the edge. It becomes tougher to clean the pool border. It is an important task to clean the pool border regularly. It is the key to get the perfect water line in your pool. And this prevents the accumulation of limescale in the walls and surface of the pool.

  • Adding flocculants

Prolong use of the pool water increases the dirt in the water. If the flocculant is not used, it will leave a brown stain on the walls and surface. Once you add the flocculant and wait for 10 minutes, the dirt sediments at the bottom of the pool. Now you can quickly suck the dirt with a pool vacuum.

  • Vacuum cleaning the pool

Now the dirt particles should be removed from the bottom. You must choose the right alternative to vacuum clean the pool. There is this manual vacuum, but it takes much time and labor. So it is better that you take the automatic pool cleaner. Though it is a bit costly, the automatic vacuum does most of your work.

  • Removing leaves

Leaves have an awful effect on the water. It will leave dirt in it and leaves a bad smell. Remove leaves regularly. You may use a skimmer net to remove the leaves from the pool. But clean the skimmer basket regularly as it also contains a large number of leaves sometimes. 

  • Cleaning the roll deck cover

The next step is to clear roll deck cover. It is essential to clean the roll deck cover to maintain the appearance of the pool. Though it will take some time to remove the accumulated dirt, it is worth it. Spend one day without swimming now. 

  • Backwashing the pool filter

The pool filter is almost filled with dirt sometimes, and as the dirt increases, the pressure inside the filter goes up. It even may cause to explode the filter too. But it is easy to save the filter. Just backwash the filter once a week, and the pressure is reduced inside the filter as the dirt is removed. 

  • Regularly refreshing the water

Our last tip is quite simple; you will need to do that only three times per year. And the thing is adding 3 to 5% of new water of the total capacity of the pool. It keeps the heavy metal salt concentration in the pool water. Just an easy reminder is do not use well water as it contains a high concentration of heavy metal salts. 


We hope this article will help you to keep the appearance of your pool beautiful and clear. Thanks for visiting again. We hope you visit us soon. 


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