90 Day Bares All viewers react wildly to Angela’s latest flashing

Angela’s latest flashing took 90 Day Bares All viewers by surprise and they posted about it on social media. Pic credit: TLC

Many 90 Day Bares All viewers reacted with disgust to Angela flashing her crotch to host Shaun Robinson and the camera during the latest episode.

Vomit emojis were abundant on social media as critics posted about their shock and bewilderment that Angela managed to flash everyone again but with a different body part this time.

The slip-up happened when Angela was explaining to Shaun that she has a lot of loose skin because of her 90 lb weight loss. Angela drew attention to the skin on her inner thighs and in doing so hiked her dress back and opened her legs to grab her skin there.

Shaun bashfully let her know that she and the camera could see everything.

The Other Way viewers shared their shock about Angela Deem’s latest flashing

Angela seriously grossed out Bares All viewers when she inadvertently flashed Shaun and the camera and some shared their outrage on Instagram.

One 90 Day fan page shared the clip of the shocking scene and added the caption, “This is the clip where Mangela shows her dusty vagina to poor Shaun.”

The comments section of the post was full of repulsed critics who could have done without that visual.

One person summarized, “Awkward eww” while another was baffled that Angela wasn’t wearing any underwear.

IG comments about Angela Deem
Grossed out Bares All viewers gave their opinions on Angela’s flashing. Pic credit: @mommysaysbdwrds/Instagram

Another fan page shared a meme they found on Facebook of the flashing incident which depicted Angela on Bares All with the caption, “All I have to say is, no Angela this is not sexy (right after this she spread her legs and flashed the camera).”

More appalled onlookers dropped their thoughts in the comments. One person remarked, “How ANY man could ever think THIS is attractive, is desperate! DOH!! (queasy emoji).”

IG comments about Angela Deem
Bares All viewers shared their mutual disdain for what they saw. Pic credit: @steventheskoodilypoop/Instagram

Will Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi continue to appear within the 90 Day Fiance franchise?

Angela and Michael still don’t have a conclusion to Michael’s spousal visa filing so the storyline is there if TLC wants to bring them on one of the spinoffs that will detail their lives.

Angela and Michael also command a huge following of supporters as well as haters which is what has kept them a relevant couple.

Angela’s behavior, however, had led many viewers to call on TLC to ban her from the network for her abusive and toxic treatment of Michael.

90 Day fans will have to stay in the loop to find out if the odd couple will get a spot on the show again.

90 Day Bares All Season 2 airs Sundays on Discovery+.


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