’90 Day Fiance’: Ellie Rose Distraught

90 Day Fiance star Ellie Rose finds herself panicked while wondering what happened to her significant other Victor after a hurricane cuts off communication. Will she find him dead or alive?

90 Day Fiance: Pack Up And Move To Victor

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way shows Ellie Rose getting ready to pack her belongings, sell her business and move to be with the love of her life, Victor. She shared that she is leaving a lot behind in America to move to Providencia. Her friends don’t seem to be on board with her packing up her life and leaving, but she really loves Victor. In America, Ellie has a home and owns a pizza shop, and considers herself successful. But she makes it clear that Victor is her world even though they may have had a rocky start.

Ellie tells the truth about her man and the fact that he is not faithful. She found out from another woman that he was having a secret relationship on the side. Victor was living with a woman who was not Ellie, and this made her friends not trust him. But Ellie is sure that she and Victor have moved past that. She has forgiven him and is ready to move forward in their relationship.

TLC Star Loses Husband

90 Day Fiance’s Ellie Rose is ready to jump back into the pool of relationships with Victor after her first marriage. Ellie tells the timeline of her meeting her first husband and getting married. She explains that eleven months after they were married, they went on a trip to Atlanta. When she woke up one of the mornings on the trip, she discovered that he had passed away. Soap Dirt previously reported that unfortunately, her husband died by accidentally overdosing on a prescription pain killer.

This changed the course of Ellie’s life. She talks about how hard it has been to move on with another person because of the fear of losing them too. All this changed when she met Victor, and now she feels as though she is ready to remarry. With them having to adjust their plans from him moving to America to her moving to Providencia due to COVID-19, things are on track.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way: Ellie Rose Worries Hurricane Left Victor Dead

Ellie Rose from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is dealing with some hardships after finding out just three days before she was going to leave to Providencia to live with Victor that a hurricane hit. While it was expected to hit as a Category 2 or 3, they never expected it to become a Category 5. The storm destroyed most of the island and took out communication as well. Ellie was left not knowing what happened to Victor and worries that he is dead.

Ellie set out for the island anyway so that she could just find him. She knew that if Providencia was evacuated, the residents would be sent to San Andres Island, Columbia. When she arrived to the island, she received a phone call from him. She knew he was alright but had no clue about the home he was building for her. She was relived to learn that he is not dead and can’t wait to start their life together.


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