A Compassionate Nurse Arranged a Plane For a Dying Father To See His Son Play Football

Lying on his deathbed, a heartsore father cried out for one last wish. However, it was unclear whether this request could be met. Nevertheless, with the immense power of determination and compassion, a nurse chose to go the extra mile for her pleading patient.

In 2020, committed father Scott Sullivan was diagnosed with terminal cancer named leptomeningeal carcinomatosis. Sullivan was staying at the Hospice of Lake Cumberland, located in Somerset, Kentucky.

The 50-year-old had learned that his life would most likely be ending in 4 months. While residing at the facility, the terminally ill patient became close to a nurse going by the name of Jerree Humphrey.

Their fast and robust bond developed, according to Humphrey, due to their children’s shared love of sports. The caregiver expressed:

“We got close quick, and he became my buddy.”

Out of the many dying wishes he voiced to the nurse, the top one struck her. The caregiver sympathized but didn’t believe it was possible.

The Kentucky dad spoke to Humphrey about his son Cade Sullivan’s first football game in his sophomore year. He wanted to watch his 17-year-old child play the game just one more time before he died.

Sullivan said that there were no words. 

Due to the long distance and the risk he would be taking by driving for that length of time, the caregiver advised against it. However, she was set on finding a safe way to make her patient’s dreams come true.

After searching, Humphrey contacted a dentist and pilot in the area, Doctor Denny Brummett, who was more than willing to fly Sullivan out to see his son. The Hospice of Lake Cumberland took to Facebook, sharing photos of the dad on his new adventure while writing:

“Bucket List wishes are so important.”

The comment section was filled with love, and many thought it was a fantastic turn of events. Heart emojis flooded in with the reactions climbing to just over 1000 likes.

However, the most emotional reaction came from the loving dad’s son when, upon arriving and as soon as Cade caught sight of his dad, he ran towards him, hugging him tightly.

Scott said that there were no words to describe how delighted he was that day. On October 4, 2020, this proud father passed away, leaving his son with a beautiful memory that proved how deeply he loved him.

The compassion of caregiver Jerree Humphrey was reflected in the staff at another palliative care center: the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. They fulfilled a 68-year-old dying woman Jan Holman’s last wish by bringing in her animals.

She longed to see her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Monty and Rowley, and her faithful horse of 10 years, Bob. Fortunately, the facility allowed these pets to visit her.

Holman expressed that she could never thank the end-of-life center for what they did. As they took their last breaths, Scott and this 68-year-old could leave this earth in peace thanks to other loving humans.


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