A Dying Husband made He Promise to Stay Single Forever After He Passes Away

A woman was asked by her gravely ill husband if she would ever date again if he died, and then he made her promise to stay single forever after he passes away

A woman was made to promise to her gravely ill husband that she would never date again if he died – and felt she had no choice but to agree.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said she had been married to her husband for around six years and over that time his health had deteriorated.

He had a chronic heart condition that led to other complications, then one day he was admitted to hospital and the outcome looked bleak.

While he was on the ward, he asked his wife what she would do if he died – then made her promise in front of their two children that she would never date again.

Taking to Reddit, the woman wrote: “He kept looking at me telling me to promise him in front of our kids.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel hesitant. I had a very odd feeling and something told me to not do it, especially not when he decided to get the kids involved.

“I pulled away and assured him he is the love of my life and everything I care about as well as our children. He got upset saying I was avoiding his request and said he didn’t expect me to even hesitate, let alone refuse to promise.

“I calmly explained how heavy his words were but he said I probably had no problem seeing and dating someone and might as well get the kids a new dad.

“I swore I’d never force my kids to call someone else dad and he flat out called me a liar to my face. This made me speechless. He loudly told me to get out of the room.

“I tried to get him to calm down but he started yelling at me to stop talking to him after I made it clear he didn’t mean that much to me.

“He told me to understand something, which is that he’s going to make the kids promise him that if I ever meet someone new then they should cut me out of their lives and stay with his family.

“I was in a shock, I called him unreasonable for thinking this was an acceptable thing to do to our kids. He said I should be happy I will no longer be held back by the kids and that they’ll live with their grandparents and aunts, not some guy I get married to.”

The woman shared her story as she was seeking advice on the situation and wasn’t sure what she should do, and soon other Reddit users were commenting their opinion.

One said: “Terminally ill people undergo personality changes sometimes. People do and say all kinds of weird things when they’re grieving and panicking.

“I don’t expect him to be an angel who tells you to find love and happiness after his death, though some terminally ill people do.

“However, going so far as to try to make you promise, doing it in front of your kids, and threatening to emotionally blackmail you via your children is off the map.

“You and your children should be in therapy. As a group and perhaps individually. This is very hard and you should have disinterested support from someone.”

While another added: “Talking like that in front of/to your kids is completely unacceptable. Clearly, he is not of sound mind which is reasonable for someone dying, but no. Just no.”

And another simply wrote: “Your husband needs therapy.”


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