A Grieving Couple Adopts a Baby Girl on the Anniversary of Their Own Child’s Death

After numerous heartbreaks, a downtrodden and grieving couple could not take it anymore and was going to give up. However, there was a little bit of sunshine waiting around the corner. 

Kristen and her husband, Drew, have faced a long and arduous journey towards creating their beautiful family. Recently, a beautiful baby girl came into their life via adoption after three losses and on the anniversary of a tragic day.

This happy couple had a history of falling pregnant quickly, although not all of the pregnancies turned out the way they wished. Devastatingly, 3 out of the 5 babies they conceived passed away before birth.

Jackson Allen, their first baby, was born premature and had to recover in the NICU, but the two eventually came home together. Sadly, Kristen miscarried their second newborn on her and her husband’s fourth wedding anniversary.

After giving birth to a long-awaited child, she found out she had three weeks to live.

The mother fell pregnant quickly after this, but on August 26, 2015, they found out something was amiss. They discovered that this baby they were naming Elijah had no heartbeat; another tiny soul ripped away from the pair.

Following this crushing experience, Drew and his wife decided to go the adoption route, but the agency adjourned the process when they unexpectedly conceived again in 2016. This pregnancy also ended up in a stillbirth, the mom sadly expressing:

“I remember pleading to God as my doctor was telling me my pregnancy would most likely end, that it was enough. I was done.”

Suddenly, Kristen was expecting again in 2016, and to their relief, the mother gave birth to their tiny AJ. Two children strong, the pair decided to walk into the world of adoption again, which required a lot of patience as birth parents continued to reject them.

Although this was an exhausting road for the pair, eventually, a baby girl was waiting for them to come and adopt her. However, upon hearing the date of the final adoption hearing, August 26, 2021, the mom halted in her tracks, stating:

“God had set into motion five years previously something beyond what I had even imagined for myself and our family.”

Her Facebook memories helped her remember that on that day in 2015, she spent her time praying for her passed baby Elijah. Elizabeth “Eliza” Joy, their new baby and third child, has made her way into the family, and her parents could not be happier.

As Kristen and Drew know, the adoption process can be challenging, but there are ways to manage it and make it easier. First, one should accept that it may take a long period and use that space to prepare for a little one to come into their lives.

Another wise step is, if the adoptee is not a newborn, it is crucial to find out as much as possible about their life before they were adopted. Previous caregivers can also provide advice on how to approach and raise the child.

Like Kristen, another mother, Karyn had been facing hardships when it came to having children. However, it was slightly different for her when she found out she had three weeks to live after giving birth to a long-awaited child.

Soon after this mother gave birth to her daughter, Billi Ra, doctors informed her that she had Stage-4 breast cancer. It had spread throughout her body, giving her approximately three weeks to live.

So far, she has defied the odds, sticking around with her newborn for 19 weeks. One can only hope, that similar to Kristen and Drew, a little bit of unexpected magic may turn Karyn’s hopefully-longer-than-expected life around.


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