A TikToker has gone viral after successfully completing Squid Game’s dalgona cookie challenge.

In a clip that racked a jaw-dropping 58.7 million views, Bayashi (@bayashi.tiktok) filmed his efforts recreating the surprisingly difficult challenge from the popular Netflix survival drama.

In the show’s third episode, contestants are given a tin containing a circular dalgona cookie made from sugar and baking soda. They must remove the imprinted shape by breaking away the edges using just a tiny metal stick. If it breaks, they are instantly killed.

Despite his four failed attempts in previous videos, Bayashi finally succeeded and removed the star shape from the cookie.

He did, however, use a lighter to aid his victory (aka “the toilet lady method”, as one fellow TikToker put it), which would have been considered cheating in the show.

The dalgona cookie is a South Korean delicacy that has been sold for years. One confectioner, An Yong-hui, from Seoul provided 700 hundred cookies for the Squid Game production. Astonishingly, his demand has since tripled on a daily basis. He now sells more than 500 dalgonas a day and said he hadn’t been home for a week to meet the demand for Squid Game fans.

“We are thinking we should place a rifle here as well,” he joked, referencing the losers’ fate on the show.

The challenge has since become an internet phenomenon, with TikTokers worldwide taking to the platform with their attempts.

Squid Game is reportedly on track to becoming Netflix’s most-watched original series ever after a decade of being dismissed by potential investors for being too grotesque, unrealistic and brutal.

The series follows a group of desperate debtors who play a series of deadly children’s games for a chance to win a multimillion-dollar cash prize.


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