A Wildlife Expert has Faced backlash after Posting Video of 2-Year-Old Son Playing with a Huge Snake

A wildlife expert has faced massive backlash after sharing a video of his 2-year-old son handling a huge olive python. Although the giant snake is said to be non-venomous, the short clip has incurred the wrath of many people.

Snakes are generally considered to be dangerous creatures, and their mere sight can inspire feelings of terror and nervousness among people. However, wildlife lovers and enthusiasts do not always agree with this sentiment.

Australia’s Monster Croc Wrangler Matt Wright caused quite the outrage online when he went on to share the video of his little boy playing with a giant snake. The viral video was shared on his official Instagram account.

In the video, the daring toddler, Banjo, can be seen holding the huge python by its tail as he tries to drag it out of his garden. His father can be heard in the background, encouraging him with words like, “quick, grab him.” In response, Banjo utters:

“He’s going to bite, Dad.”

The little boy then runs over to stand next to his father, who backs him up once again. Soon afterward, the fearless tot goes back to the garden to grab the python by its tail. Wright continues urging Banjo to “pull it out” as it tries to wrap itself around the wooden pillar.

Banjo’s father is not only a wildlife expert but also an award-winning tourism operator and anchor of National Geographic’s “Outback Wrangler.” He often embarks on adventures with his family across the Northern Territory, exploring untapped regions of Australia.

However, the fearless and energetic child refused to let go of the python and continued to grab it by its head, leaping onto its body in a playful manner.

Wright’s passions include handling and wrestling with huge crocs and aiding in their relocation. Even though the python Banjo was handling was harmless to humans and non-poisonous, many people have disapproved of the idea of a child playing with snakes.

Several people were angry with Wright for putting his kid’s life at stake, just for the sake of garnering popularity online. Others argued that he and his wife are the only ones who should decide what’s good for their son. One user added:

“This man is very clever there is no way he would put his child in danger or a snake. They are a beautiful and clever family (sic).”

Another one was scared by the hair-raising clip and commented: “Snake is not a toy!!!!!” A third user added: “He’s teaching him not to be afraid and to respect the animal gently and humanely at such a young age. That’s awesome. Like a young Steve Irwin (sic).”


In related news, a father was absolutely terrified when he discovered that the bug his toddler daughter had found in a discarded coffee tin was actually a tarantula. Recalling the incident, 36-year-old David Lehman from Arizona further shared:

“I was expecting a beetle, as it’s that season right now, so when I saw the tarantula I just thought ‘get that gnarly thing away from my daughter!'”

In trying to get the can out of her hand, Lehman accidentally dropped his daughter, Blake, but quickly picked her up and ran away from the tarantula. Fortunately, his daughter wasn’t affected that strongly and still enjoys playing and discovering things outside.


A little similar to Wright and Banjo’s story, a toddler boy in East Java, Indonesia, was caught playing with a python outside his house. The hyperactive kid sat coiled up in the giant snake, who tried to slither away.

However, the fearless and energetic child refused to let go of the python and continued to grab it by its head, leaping onto its body in a playful manner. The viral video was shared on YouTube three years ago and has gained more than 44,000 views to date.

Netizens had mixed reactions to the shocking video. While some people were glad the child had handled the non-venomous snake without fear, others were concerned for him and didn’t approve of his dangerous playtime activity.


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