A woman believed she had kidney stone but it turned out she was already in active labor

A woman believed she had kidney stones and went to the hospital for help. It turned out she was already in active labor.

Through nine months of pregnancy, a woman notices her stomach slowly growing and feels the baby inside her move around. Apart from physical changes, an expecting woman also feels other symptoms such as morning sickness and having no period.

However, it’s possible these signs don’t show at all. Such a case would mean that a woman is going through a cryptic pregnancy where they don’t realize they are pregnant at all.

For example, 23-year-old Hannah Violet previously experienced cryptic pregnancy when she believed she was constipated. However, it wasn’t until she went to the hospital that she learned she was pregnant.

The single mom sought medical attention, thinking she had appendicitis, but her water broke when she reached the hospital for tests.

Without expecting it, Violet welcomed a healthy daughter, who is now three years old. Cryptic pregnancies can happen to anyone and already happened to another woman, Lizzie Q.

In a now-viral TikTok post, Lizzie detailed her experience with the rare type of pregnancy and revealed that she did not gain weight or miss her periods until giving birth. She shared:

“Thought I was having a kidney stone so [I] went to the ER at 4am. None of the nurses suspected I was pregnant.”

Lizzie was also using birth control at that time, which gave her assurance of protection. However, when the doctor checked on her, they found out that she was in active labor.

Lizzie also had preeclampsia and placenta previa, which made her placenta situate on the bottom of the uterus and cover the cervix.

Unexpectedly hearing about a pregnancy also happened to a woman who found out she was going to become a grandmother.

The conditions stopped her from feeling movement in her womb while pregnant. “Two hours later fully dilated. No epidural. No ultrasound. No clue how far along,” she shared. “Delivered a full term 6lb 7oz baby girl.”

Lizzie’s post left many TikTok users shocked that such a pregnancy could be possible. One woman was amazed at how women’s bodies worked. Meanwhile, another shared a similar story:

“[…] I didn’t find out I was pregnant & found out at 6 months. I went to the ER with a bladder infection & they told me I was pregnant.”

Pregnancy is often one of the greatest news one could receive, such that even family members would be excited. This recently happened to a woman who found out she was going to become a grandmother.

The woman immediately went viral as her daughter posted footage of her reaction. However, not all grandmothers feel the same way. For example, TikTok user @jackkiechann89 shared a video of her mother’s unhappy reaction after telling her about the pregnancy.


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