A Woman From Jersey Recognizes Her Beloved Cat Who Ran Away 12 Years Ago on Social Media Post

Losing touch with one’s pet can be devastating, and a woman from Jersey experienced the same feelings when she lost her beloved cat in 2009, only to find him 12 years later through a Facebook post shared by an animal shelter. 

Anyone who has ever kept pets would understand how calming their presence can turn out to be. They are particularly known for loving their owners and inspiring feelings of love, support, and togetherness.

Shelley Brockbank shared the same sentiments for her pet cat Alfie. However, her world turned upside down when he suddenly disappeared one day.

Following her cat’s disappearance, Brockbank looked for him everywhere. She even put up flyers and posters and contacted local animal shelters, but there was no sign of Alfie. Talking to Jersey Evening Post, she recalled:

“Alfie had a tendency for getting in people’s cars if the windows were left open, and I believe that is how his adventure began.”

After looking for Alfie for years and failing miserably, Brockbank decided to give up her search and was left without all hope of seeing her pet cat again.

To her complete astonishment, she came across a Facebook post while casually scrolling down her news feed one day. The post was shared by JSPCA Animals’ Shelter and was about a “very friendly” stray cat named “Buddy.” Brockbank’s immediate response was:

“There was no mistaking, that was Alfie.”

Soon afterward, she contacted the shelter home and was ultimately reunited with her beloved Alfie. As per the information provided by the animal shelter, Alfie has had several homes in the last 12 years and was even rehomed in 2014.

Alfie, who always had a knack for wandering off and jumping into people’s cars, has settled well with his original owners and become a favorite amongst Brockbank’s children. She also wrote:

“My daughter Amelia loves him, and cannot believe he has been missing for so long. Alfie has also been introduced to our little boy.”

Brockbank also went on to share the emotional moments when she saw Alfie after a long wait of 12 years. She said that he ran out of his box and began rubbing up against her legs and back as if he wanted to jump into her lap.

Alfie has aged quite a lot since his disappearance, as he was only 4 years old when he went missing and is now 16. While the beloved cat spent many years away from his true family, they’re glad to have him back.

His owners are even more excited to make up for all the time they spent apart. Brockbank, who now has a family and kids, expressed that she cannot wait to make new and fond memories with Alfie.


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