Adam Kay left stunned after finding woman doing a poo in dressing room toilet after Glasgow show

Adam Kay was left stunned after he discovered a ‘drunken’ punter doing a poo in his dressing room following a show in Glasgow.

The English writer had just performed in front of an audience at the Theatre Royal when he realised that something wasn’t right.

He discovered someone had drank his bottle of wine and had also attempted to help themselves to bottles of beer set aside as part of his rider.

And it seems like Adam caught the culprit, as he found a ‘pretty hammered’ woman using his dressing toilet for a number two.

The 41-year-old comedian believes the woman may have stumbled across the dressing room as she tried to find the regular loo for paying theatre-goers.

Writing on Twitter, Adam said: “A lovely gig at Glasgow Theatre Royal – and then back to my dressing room where a woman was taking a s**t.

“In fairness to her, it was in the bathroom part of the dressing room, rather than on the floor or the table.



“She was pretty hammered, which might have been something to do with all the wine she’d demolished from my extremely showbiz rider.

“She’d also tried to get through the beer, but couldn’t find the bottle opener. She’d also been through my stuff, most which was happily quite boring, though hadn’t found my phone and wallet.

“I asked what she was doing and she told me she thought it was the toilet, which I guess it technically was.

“I imagine she got lost on her way to the loo at some point during the show and found herself in my dressing room, then decided that the wine and nibbles were a more appealing prospect than the show itself, so just decided to smash through that instead.”

Fans made the typical “People Make Glasgow” joke when details on the incident surfaced on social media.

One other wrote: “Oh dear…think of it as material gathering for future books/shows. The cheek of it. And there’s your title!”

Another commented: “This sounds like it could’ve been an episode of Still Game.”



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