Addison Rae slams critics for blasting her movie without watching it

Addison Rae has officially made her debut on the silver screen in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’ — but it hasn’t exactly been met with glittering reviews, and it’s even being snubbed by people refusing to watch it.

Addison Rae first rose to fame as a TikToker in 2019. Two years later, Rae has managed to garner over 83 million followers, launch a music career, and even begin her life as a budding movie star.

Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’ released on August 27, providing viewers with a Gen-Z, genderbent version of the 90’s classic ‘She’s All That.’ Once the news broke that Rae would be taking the starring lead in the film, criticism instantly sparked online, with commenters claiming she didn’t deserve the role due to her status as a TikToker.

Once the film was released, it was met with a slew of backlash, and has earned a 25% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. From continuity errors to roasting Rae’s acting, it’s certainly taken a beating in terms of reviews… but Addison Rae feels that some critics haven’t even watched the film before bashing it on social media.

In an interview with co-star Tanner Buchanan, Rae began by speculating that critics might have a harder time seeing her as a character, rather than an internet-famous TikToker.

“I feel like that was something that people struggled with getting about me starting in the movie world,” she explained. “People are very associative of me and who I am, so it almost takes a little bit more to convince someone that I’m a character, you know?”

“I’m excited for people to watch ‘He’s All That’ and actually form an opinion on it based off of their own experience with it, instead of like, ‘Oh, whatever, we think that this is how it’s gonna be, so I’m not watching it, ’cause I’ve heard it’s…’ you know what I mean?”

This isn’t the first time Rae has hit back at critics blasting her acting skills or her appearance in a major film; she similarly begged skeptical viewers to “give her a chance” in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

There’s no telling if He’s All That will be forever remembered as a flop, or if it will become a cult classic later down the road… but for now, it looks like it’s remaining a point of contention among movie-watchers the world over.


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