Adorable cats break the internet after snap of them hugging on roof goes viral

If you’re in need of something to cheer you up this week, we’ve got just the photo.

Reddit users have been left gushing over a pair of cats showing their undeniable love for each other on the roof.

In the now-viral picture, a ginger cat can be seen looking over at the camera as its furry friend holds on tight.

But what really tickled everyone on the open forum is the caption, which read: “Even cats also have a girlfriend but you don’t.”

The cute snap was uploaded by user monk/_memer with the post racking up over 23,100 upvotes and 500 comments.

One person wrote: “Well that is a good point you have there.”

While another pointed out: “At first, thought that was just a really fat cat.”

A third gushed: “Honestly, they make the purr-fect couple not going to lie.”

Meanwhile, a fourth Reddit user joked: “Plot twist – they’re siblings.”

And a fifth social media fan admitted: “I don’t want a girlfriend, I want cats.”

Do you love cats? We’ve got more content that’ll leaving you feline good.

Previously, a cat’s reaction to its owner getting louder in a video left fans divided.

The peaceful cat looked absolutely horrified as the person in the clip progressively lowered their voice.

In the viral clip, the feline can be seen blinking slowly as though it just woke up from a lovely nap.

And one Reddit user shared a photo of her cat’s brutal reaction to her saying good morning.

In the picture, the brown and ginger pet scrunched her eyes as she glared at her owner.

She didn’t look too fazed by the fact that her owner could have been smiling or showing her love.

As the cat just didn’t give off any expression to her owner, it certainly made others laugh on the open forum.


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