Aldi is selling adorable unicorn and elephant book shelves for just £11.49 & parents are desperate to snap them up

PART OF being a parent means you get to live vicariously through your children, and get excited about things other adults wouldn’t quite understand.

A lot of the fun that comes from being a parent is being able to re-live your childhood through your children, as well as having a reason to get excited about buying princess, superhero or animal themed goods.


The adorable book shelves are on sale currently at £11.99 eachCredit: Aldi

Luckily, the budget-friendly supermarket Aldi have recently launched two new products which parents are climbing over each other to snag up.

The products are adorable book shelves for your little ones, and come in two designs.

One design is an elephant and the other is a pink unicorn, both have three shelves you can stack high with books, photo frames or baby toiletries.

The adorable shelving units were posted to the popular Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, by one of the administrators of the group.

The image of the shelving units quickly raked up over 400 comments, mainly from parents expressing how badly they wanted to get their hands on the shelving units for their children’s bedrooms.

The shelving units, which would work well in any young kids bedroom, will come in particularly useful around this time of year as extra storage for those Christmas presents they are going to receive in due time.

One user wrote: “Look how cute these are!”

Another said: “My boy loves his!!”

A third user said they could add some extra details: “could get artistic and turn it into my little pony?”

Some parents wanted the shelving units for themselves, one user wrote: “I want the elephant one for my bedroom lol.

Another suggested using it as a display shelf: “You could get one of these to put your elephant collection on and out of our rileys’ way.”

The shelving units are exclusively available to buy online only at Aldi’s online store, and are current reduced from £14.99 each to £11.49 each.

You can buy the shelves from Aldi's online shop


You can buy the shelves from Aldi’s online shopCredit: Getty

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