Alexandra Daddario Rocks Trendy Bikini For ‘100-Foot’ Jump

Alexandra Daddario‘s Instagram traffic is through the roof as views to her bikini-clad ocean cliff jump rack up views. The 35-year-old actress, shooting up in popularity this year via her starring role on HBO’s The White Lotus, has been busy entertaining her followers with vacation content, with the latest video taking the Baywatch bombshell somewhere beachy.

Posting for her 20.4 million followers after introducing her beachy vibes in a red swimsuit and with a sensual cove dip, the blue-eyed beauty stunned while jumping off ledge above high-perched rocks, and she’s topped 2.6 million views for doing so.

Alexandra Daddario All Jump In Bikini

Scroll for the video. Followers of Daddario’s Instagram got plenty of beach action last year as she shot The White Lotus out in Hawaii, although this video came without a geo-pin.

The Clinique spokesperson, shot far out, was seen with a crowd of swimwear-clad individuals and seemingly getting encouraged to brace the jump. After appearing to discuss it with a male, the star briefly raised both arms while in a tiny blue bikini – she went straight for it, though.

Fans saw Alexandra Daddario running right off the area above rock-faces leading down to ocean waters – per a caption, it was a 100-foot jump, well maybe. Daddario was then seen triumphantly re-emerging from the waters she’d splashed into and waving her arms around to confirm she was okay and – it would seem – having the time of her life.

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Taking to her caption, the star wrote: “I’m going to tell my kids this was 100 feet.” Fans were quick to respond. “Imagine being in line to jump off this cliff and Alexandra Daddario is ahead of you,” one wrote. While the location of the video is unknown, Daddario had just shared a snap of herself strolling through Greece’s The Acropolis site.

Opening Up On ‘The White Lotus’ Shooting

Daddario has been speaking out on the dramatic series she now fronts. Earlier this year, she opened up to Byrdie, stating: “It was just us, and it was very surreal. We shot at the Four Seasons in Maui, so we were the first group of people to be in the hotel since March, and it was a ghost town.”

Referencing her co-stars, the actress added: “We were all in it together, and I got to sit at the beach watching the sunset every night with all these wonderful people. So I had a very strange pandemic because there were very funny people around me.”


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