Alum Bobby Giancola Reflects On His Time Arguing Against Hannah Ferrier

Remember the time Below Deck Mediterranean’s Bobby Giancola brought two Instagram girls to Watch What Happens Live? Kitsch as hell. He did a hot girl Instagram competition to get dates to a late night show. Classic Bobby G. He said he was “Trying to get fans involved.” Chefs kiss.

You know Bobby’s co-guest of the evening, Hannah Ferrier, wasn’t going to let that play slide. After their time together on season 2, the fuses these two had for each other were SHORT. I absolutely loved watching Hannah put Bobby right back in his place during this show. That same night Bobby tried to say Hannah was into him. He implied that he’s had to turn her down. Of course, she denied it all.

By the end of his first season, most fans had decided Bobby is a turd. Poor guy. But he’s still out here trying to get his side of the story out! In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Bobby tried to explain the reason for so much discord between himself and chief stew Hannah.

He explained, “I was on a TV show. So there was things I would ask someone and I would get a yes from them. But then in [Hannah’s] eyes it was a no because in the real yachting world, we can’t do that.But I’m, like, ‘We’re filming a TV show with rules [that] can be bent a little bit.’ So that’s where I think our butting heads happened a lot.”

To me, it sounds like Bobby was going to producers for his job roles and responsibilities. That’s surely not how things should be approved and a chief stew would have every right to call that out. In any event, Bobby had more to say about his frequent clashes with Hannah. He added, “It was an accumulation of things.”

“I went to Lauren [Cohen] to have my back. And that’s when it was, like, I almost quit the show. Because both of these girls [were] lying. It was just a lot coming down on me and it was very overwhelming and I almost left. But then they talked me into staying,” he shared. Well thank goodness for that!

Bobby also cited the crew partying as a contributor to the issue. “It’s one of those things where, when alcohol is infused on both ends, it’s hard to agree to disagree and just curb it for another day,” he said. He also admitted, “Honestly, I think a lot of the fights that happened between Hannah and I were [based on] major miscommunication.”

In the end, Bobby expressed his regrets about what happened between himself and Hannah saying, “I wish I would have walked away.”


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