Alyssa Milano Updates On The Tragic Accident Her Uncle Who Had A Heart Attack Was Invovled In

Actress Alyssa Milano and her uncle, Mitch Carp, were involved in a car accident on August 17 in which Carp suffered a heart attack while he was driving. Neither Milano nor Carp was hurt following the accident.

Milano shared the news of the accident on her Instagram page to which fans and fellow celebrities sent their love and well wishes.

In her announcement on her Instagram page, Milano informed followers that her family had gone through a “terrifying and traumatic” experience as she and Carp were driving together when he suffered a serious heart attack that caused a car crash.

She went on to thank first responders for attending so carefully both to her and her uncle and civilians who stopped to help them before the first responders arrived at the scene of the accident.

Milano then told followers how important Carp is to their family and how much time they spent together. She told followers that he was being taken care of in the hospital, but it was unclear whether or not he would recover.

She asked for privacy during this difficult time for her and her family. She specifically aimed this comment at the media, saying it was an “incredibly painful” time in the family’s life.

She then encouraged her followers to get CPR training, saying you never know when you will be “called on to save a life” and that it is a small act that has a huge impact on the world.

Following the announcement, Milano took to TikTok to update her fans on Carp’s condition and thank those who stopped to help them once again, calling those people “good samaritans” and encouraging followers to be good samaritans themselves.

Milano informed followers that Carp was in and out of consciousness and still on life support. She also shared that he might have had an infection but assured he is a fighter.

The most recent update is much better news for the family and fans who have been following Carp’s road to recovery. Milano has said that he is home and doing much better but still has a long way to go before fully recovering.

She has said that he will most likely need open-heart surgery, but for the time being, is in the comfort of his own home and is taking it easy. He has a care team in his own home who are working with him to get his strength up.

While he might have open-heart surgery, he is not currently strong enough to undergo surgery, so his care team is working on getting his strength up.


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