Amazon is adding new lighting features along with routines to Alexa


Amazon’s groundbreaking virtual assistant, namely Alexa is getting smart every minute. As of now, Alexa can easily communicate with several users irrespective of their native language. In addition to this Alexa can also delete the voice recordings of the users. Moreover, the recent revelation suggests that Alexa will be getting some new features that would allow the virtual assistant to utilize the smart light which is connected to the internet efficiently and effectively.

The sources are suggesting that Amazon is going to release three completely never-seen-before features. Moreover, the first feature is the wake-up lightning functionality, the real question is how does the new functionality work?

According to the official reports, the functionality would increase the overall brightness of the lights which have the tag “Alexa-Enabled.” The users can simply ask the virtual assistant to wake them up with the help of the lights at a particular given time. Alexa has turned on the specific light just like a natural sunrise takes place rather than switching them on with maximum intensity.

This is a cool feature for the virtual assistant

Alexa would also come with sleep-timer functionality for lighting. With the help of this feature, the users can dim the intensity of the light gradually as the user begins to sleep. However, the users have to specify the time to the virtual assistant.

Currently, the new feature of Alexa is confined to the markets across the US. Moreover, there is no official confirmation as to when the new feature will head to India.


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