American Horror Story Season 10 Aliens In Asylum

American Horror Story Season 10 Updates: American Horror Story: Asylum included aliens, which don’t appear to fit with the rest of the “psychological institution” and “demonic possession,” which is the subject of the season, so for what reason would they say they were included and what do they truly mean in this context?

The horror genre has recovered popularity recently and on the big screen as well as on TV. Among the most mainstream and acclaimed horror TV shows recently is American Horror Story, an anthology TV series Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk make.

American Horror Story Season 10

American Horror Story appeared on FX in 2011 and was very well welcomed, permitting it to keep living for more seasons. This makes the series make its unified universe and investigate different types of topics.

First was Murder House, which, as the title proposes, was about a haunted house where the ghosts of its previous residents and their victims stayed. Then came the best season of the show: Asylum, with mental institutions at the center and the front.

Because of that particular setting, Asylum explored corruption, abuse of powers, and devilish possession. However, it also added another component that doesn’t fit the rest, confusing the viewers.

American Horror Story Season 10 Asylum


The expansion to American Horror Story: Asylum where aliens were key in the arc of Kit Walker (Evan Peters). The aliens snatched Kit’s wife, Alma; however, authorities accepted he had killed her, and along these lines, he was the serial killer “Bloody Face.”

Aliens were not that prominent as other themes and subjects, but they were present all through and triggered in Kit’s life, and they even returned for him when he died years after the fact that he had cancer.

It’s considerably confusing that aliens were added to Asylum as they weren’t a main topic/element in the season overall, just in Kit’s arc. Yet, Ryan Murphy has clarified the importance of aliens in this specific season.

Coming EW in 2013, Murphy, Falchuk, and the producer Tim Minear opened up about numerous elements from American Horror Story, including the alien storyline on Asylum. Murphy said that the aliens were “always an obvious metaphor for God” and would fit into “the world of a Catholic sanitarium asylum” that they were building as far he is concerned.

Minear also referenced stories like the Betty and Barney Hill kidnapping during the 1960s as motivation for the inclusion of Aliens in Asylum, just like Kit and Alma, who were an interracial couple, adding that it felt “exactly right to him for the period.”

Minear added that the aliens are “the closest things to angels,” and the series has a “religion versus science” approach, with Murphy believing that the “science versus faith” vibe of Asylum was ideal for the addition of aliens.

Having aliens in American Horror Story: Asylum makes more sense, according to Murphy and Miner’s viewpoint, as they did play a role of God and angels by choosing Alma and Grace for it and bringing them back and later taking Kit with them when died, as an “angel” would do, and they bring an exciting difference between the entire religion/faith side of the story and the science part of it.

It’s not known if Ryan Murphy and company intend to devote a future period of American Horror Story to aliens as opposed to utilizing them as a subplot; however, if they do, they will probably mix in different elements as well.


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