American Rapper 50 Cent Says He Felt ‘No Ill Will’ Towards His Son After His ‘Bus’ Rant in 2018

American rapper 50 Cent has been dealing with family feuds for a while now. He revealed that he has no hard feelings towards his son Marquise Jackson but would not have a bad day if he got “hit by a bus.”

American rap artist 50 Cent, famous for his rhymes and gangster-style music, has had some difficult family situations behind the screen. The rapper and his son Marquise Jackson do not have a good relationship, and it appears that this is the result of his split from Tompkins.

The “In Da Club” artist once tweeted about his feelings and how he has tried helping his son live a better life. This post came after 50 Cent got criticized by fans for making a not-so-friendly comment under Marquise’s post.


50 Cent did not take fans’ criticism lightly after sharing his opinion about Marquise. The star took to Twitter back in 2018, sharing a write-up that showed his efforts as a father.

According to the tweet, 50 Cent has no hard feelings towards anyone and even paid Marquise’s mother $1,360,000 in support to give his son opportunities. But, he noted that his son moves with companies that make him embrace negative energy.

Before the Twitter update, a photo of Marquise mingling with the son of 50 Cent’s rival, Kenneth McGriff, was uploaded on social media. The rapper didn’t take the update well and noted in the comments:

“If both these little [expletives] got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t have a bad day.”

McGriff was allegedly involved in an attempt to kill 50 Cent. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment for murder-related cases and drug trafficking. Reports showed that Marquise was not aware of his father and McGriff’s dispute when he took the photo.

The rapper and his son’s estranged relationship began after he and Marquise’s mother Tompkins called it quits. Tompkins was the “Intro” singer’s long-term girlfriend.

They welcomed Marquis in 1997, but their relationship soon went down the drain. The ex-couple had a long custodial battle over their son and didn’t reach a compromise for a while.

During the dispute, 50 Cent was granted limited contact with his son. At the time, the star revealed that Marquise was his motivation and the distance between them was hard to deal with.

News reports showed that 50 Cent tried repairing his relationship with Marquise, but the feud between the ex-couple made it impossible. Marquise once opened up about how their father-son bond broke when he was about 11-year-old.

He explained that when he was younger, 50 Cent was his “Superhero,” but as time passed and certain events took place, he started feeling different about his father. He noted that their relationship became more acrimonious as he grew up.


The “21 Questions” star and Tompkins eventually reached an agreement regarding their then 11-year-old son’s visitation rights. Judge David Freundlich congratulated the former couple as the court permitted 50 Cent to see his son one weekend monthly.

50 Cent initially requested to see Marquise two weekends in a month, but the rapper accepted the final arrangement ending the visitation fuss. Tompkins also noted that she would like her son and 50 Cent to have a healthy relationship despite their disagreements.

50 Cent is well-known for calling out his colleagues in his songs or on social media when there is a clash, and this attitude also applies to others around him. He and Vivica A. Fox became romantically involved in 2003 but called it quits a short time later.

Their split led to a lot of fuss which later resulted in a public tiff. However, they mended their broken relationship and collaborated on 50 Cent’s “Do You Think About Me” video.

But the two had another fight in 2015 when the movie star questioned his sexuality during an interview. As expected, 50 Cent didn’t let things slip, and he got back at Fox on social media.

He shared embarrassing images of the actress with an equally blunt caption. 50 Cent also had a clash with Kanye West in September 2007. He challenged West to the best-selling battle. Unfortunately for “P.I.M.P,” singer West won the challenge.

50 Cent and Puff Daddy’s feuds began when he accused the “Coming Home” artist of making money off the late Biggie Smalls. Their disagreements were eventually resolved, and in recent years, they appear to be in better terms with each other.

Other people 50 Cent had clashes with include American rapper, record executive, and entrepreneur Lil Wayne, Ja Rule, and Floyd Mayweather, with whom he was friends until they became business partners.


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