American woman mortified by ‘Q’ mistake at first shopping trip to UK supermarket

A woman who moved to the UK from the US has told the hilarious tale of her first visit to a supermarket and the embarrassing mistake she made.

In a TikTok video, user @lovleycp explains her awkward situation and says she “will never leave my house” again.

“First time buying groceries at a UK store, I’m nervous and I overthink everything and wasn’t sure where to checkout,” she says.

She then shows herself ask a staff member: “Excuse me where can I check out? I’m a little lost.”

The shopper is told to go to “number four where the queue is”, but she has never heard the word “queue” before and so goes looking for the letter “Q” on a sign.

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After wandering up and down the aisles looking for a “Q” and unable to find it, she nervously asks the same worker for help again.

“Um I can’t find the ‘Q’, do you mind showing me?” she asks.

The worker takes the American to the queue and then she feels “completely embarrassed” and realises queue is the word Brits use for “line”, she recalls.

Since she uploaded it on August 19, it has been watched more than 230,000 times and people were amused at the culture shock.

The American woman hadn't heard the word 'queue'
The American woman hadn’t heard the word ‘queue’

One viewer said: “I didn’t know queue was a British word.”

“The first time I went shopping here I walked around the store for 20 minutes because I couldn’t find the shopping carts,” said a second viewer.

A third commented: “This is absolutely cracking me up as a Brit, God bless, but I am also now realising how confusing it must be.”

Someone else said: “Oh bless ya you’ll settle in and figure things out don’t worry.”

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