Angry elephant smashes bus windshield; leaves people terrified

If you are an active social media user, you would have seen a lot of videos of angry elephants attacking tourists while taking jungle safaris. There are videos of elephants even attacking people who pass through the forest roads. Now, a similar video of an agitated tusker attacking a bus has gone viral.

A video of an angry elephant smashing a bus windshield in the Nilgiris is making rounds on social media, and netizens are terrified after watching it.

In the one-minute video, an angry elephant can be seen charging towards a government bus in the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu.

As the driver tries to reverse the bus, the agitated elephant smashes the bus windshield.

However, after failing to take the bus backwards, the driver gets up from his seat and catches the elephant’s attention towards himself.

Meanwhile, the passengers deboard the bus safely. Take a look at the nail-biting viral video.

A passenger from inside the bus recorded the terrifying incident.

The nail-biting video was shared on Twitter by Supriya Sahu, Principal Secretary of Environment Climate Change & Forests of Tamil Nadu.

Supriya Sahu praised the bus driver for keeping himself cool and helping the passengers move back safely even after witnessing the agitated tusker’s attack.

The nail-biting incident happened on September 25 and has gathered more than 71k views till now, and the numbers are only increasing.

However, netizens were terrified after watching the video and applauded the cool-headed driver for saving the passengers’ lives.

Many others even suggested closing such roads that are laid in the middle of elephant corridors.


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