Anti-Masker Thrown Off Plane After ‘Threatening To Break Someone’s Neck’ In Major Outburst


An airline passenger who allegedly refused to wear a mask was thrown off a plane after ‘threatening to break someone’s neck’. 

The man was reportedly thrown off a United Airlines flight to Los Angeles after making the threats to a fellow passenger.

As per The Independent, the incident was captured on TikTok by another passenger on the flight and footage shows the man shouting and swearing at airline staff before the plane was ready to take off.

One of the videos of the incident from TikTok user @starcadearcade alleges that problems began when flight attendants asked the man to keep his facemask on and switch off his phone.

The unidentified man was filmed shouting, ‘I will find your name, date of birth, and address. I’ll know your social security number before I get off this flight.’

The footage shows the man approaching a flight attendant before allegedly telling another passenger ‘mind your business because I will break your neck’ after they appeared to try and defuse the situation.

Things got worse for the person filming the incident as his phone was ripped out of his hand by another passenger after the man realised he was being filmed.

The incident was reportedly resolved when the man and his cousin were escorted off the plane.

Footage of the incident has been seen over 3.4 million times, with many viewers disgusted at the man’s behaviour and others wondering if he would end up on the no-fly list.


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