Anti-vaxxer tries to dodge coronavirus jab by wearing fake arm from Amazon

An anti-vaxxer tried to avoid being jabbed “by turning up to his appointment wearing prosthetic arms”.

The Italian dentist bought the prop from Amazon in the hope he could hoodwink nurses out of giving him the vaccine.

But the trick up his sleeve didn’t fool staff, and Filipa Bua, who was working at the centre, knew something was up immediately, reports Metro.

She told La Republica: “He uncovered his shoulder and I realised that the colour of his arm was strange.

“For a moment I thought I had made a gaffe, because I had asked him for the arm he used less…then I asked him to [show] the other and it was identical. I didn’t want to believe it.”

Harsh rules in Italy mean the unvaccinated will be banished from public life

The man, named in local media as 57-year-old Guido Russo, wanted a green vaccine pass to be able to do a range of activities – including going to work.

After his con was exposed, Guido asked nurses to jab his fake arm anyway, but the fuming medics refused.

The dentist had previously spoken out in public against mandatory vaccine passports.

Guido Russo
Guido has had to stop practicing dentistry following the incident, reports say

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A sign in the window of his surgery read: “The presentation of the Green Pass in this study is exclusively voluntary.”

The incident is seen as fraud and cops have started an investigation.

Guido reportedly protested to officers: “I don’t believe in the vaccine, I haven’t done it before and I don’t want to do it now. But I need the green pass to work.”

The nurse added that the current phase of the vaccine drive – in which the Italian government is banning people who choose to not be jabbed from much of public life – has been “difficult”.

She said: “The angriest ones are arriving, who do not want to get the vaccine but feel obligated”.

Guido has had his professional license to work taken away from him under the tough government rules.


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