Antiques Roadshow guest horrified as portrait’s hidden twist is revealed by expert

ANTIQUES Roadshow never fails to surprise guests and viewers, but not always for happy reasons as one hopeful person found out.

A guest brought along a drawing that she was very fond of for valuation on the BBC show, called “Sulky” because of the subject’s grumpy face.


An Antiques Roadshow guest was left horrified when she found out the truth about a painting adored by her family
The painting was a portrait of 'Sulky' by Gerald W Tooby


The painting was a portrait of ‘Sulky’ by Gerald W Tooby

The art meant a lot to the family, but sadly picture and print expert Alexandra Gill had the tough job of breaking some bad news to her.

Alexandra cautiously questioned: “I have to ask, how did you come by the portrait of Sulky?”

The guest explained: “My parents bought him from Cirencester car-boot sale in the late 80s, because my dad thought that Sulky looked like his dad, it’s been in our house ever since.”

The artwork specialist asked about the family member in question: “And do you remember your grandfather?”

“Yeah I do,” said the guest, as Alexandra continued: “And would this remind you of him?” as the guest joked: “Yes. He could definitely get a sulk on!”

It was then time for Alexandra to drop the bombshell: “Well the original is a drawing by Gerald W Tooby, but sadly this is a copy of the drawing,” as the poor guest looked heartbroken.

Alexanda explained: “One of the reasons you can tell that it is a copy is because it’s got very sharp edges.”

“And if you look very, very closely, you can see it’s pixelated, so you can see very, very small dots as the image is made up, which is another indication that it’s a copy.”

It wasn’t all bad news, as she pointed out that the original artist’s signature was real: “It does have Gerard Tooby’s signature on it, in ballpoint, so that’s always quite fun to have. It means that he knew about it.”

Then came the tough question: “Can I ask how much you paid for it?”

The guest laughed: “Approximately 70p,” as Alexandra gave a sigh of relief, exclaiming: “Well, I’m delighted to say you probably doubled your money.”

“Right well, okay,” said the disappointed guest. She added: “Better than nothing!”

However the expert revealed it wasn't the original so had little value


However the expert revealed it wasn’t the original so had little value

Antiques Roadshow is on Sunday night at 8pm on BBC One, or catch up on BBC iPlayer.

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