Apple AirPods 3 ‘will be completely waterproof and cost £70 more’, expert claims

Apple is tipped to debut the all-new Apple AirPods 3 at the iPhone 13 launch event TODAY.

The brand’s next pair of wireless AirPods earbuds could be completely waterproof and cost as much as £229, according to one expert.


Apple’s next AirPods might be able to work just fine after a quick dunkCredit: The Sun

The hugely popular AirPods were upgraded earlier this year, but they’re still not safe from an accidental dip in your sink.

However, industry expert Dan Ives said that a waterproof version of the headphones is on the way, writing in an investor note shared with The Sun. But it’ll also cost you extra, he warns.

“From a new product perspective, we are expecting AirPods new version 3 to be launched towards year-end ahead of holiday season,” Dan, a top analyst at Wedbush Securities, explained.

“These AirPods [are] expected to have some design enhancements and will be waterproof with higher price points.”

 Apple AirPods first debuted in 2016, and are now a true gadget icon


Apple AirPods first debuted in 2016, and are now a true gadget iconCredit: Reuters

When asked how much the new AirPods might cost, Ives told The Sun: “We believe $229 is the sweet spot price point for the next AirPods version.”

Given Apple’s history for price conversions, we’d expect Brits to pay £229 for earbuds – £70 more than the current model.

That being said, there’s no official confirmation that a pair of AirPods 3 are in the works, so take all rumours with due caution for now.

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However, the AirPods are hugely successful, so Apple will certainly be keen to double down on past success with the wireless buds.

Despite being mocked at launch, the AirPods  have quickly become one of Apple’s most popular iPhone accessories.

The most recent iteration of the earbuds – the Apple AirPods 2 – was launched in March 2019.

The updated AirPods are available with a new wireless charging case, boosted battery life, and support “Hey Siri” functionality.

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The price for the new AirPods stayed the same at £159, but can also be upgraded with a Wireless Charging Case that costs £199.

And if you already own AirPods, you can buy the case as an optional accessory for £79.

Any wireless charger that supports the Qi standard will let you power up the AirPods (and also any wireless-charging iPhone models, too).

But the big improvement was the addition of hands-free support for “Hey Siri”.

Apple AirPods 2 review – The Sun’s verdict

Here’s what tech editor Sean Keach had to say…

  • The AirPods are a masterclass in design: they look great, they work flawlessly and they make your life easier.
  • If you’re moving from regular cabled earbuds to AirPods, you’ll never want to go back.
  • I found the fit to be tight and secure even when running, and – despite my initial fears – I’ve never managed to lose one.
  • Battery life is better than ever, the new wireless charging is pretty handy (although the £40 upgrade won’t be for everyone), and hands-free Hey Siri is a useful feature if you’re brave enough to use it.
  • The AirPods 2 are attainably priced, retain all the best bits from the beloved original buds, and offer some minor upgrades to boot.
  • They’re probably not worth an upgrade from the original AirPods unless (1) your old ones have dead batteries, (2) you’re a wireless charging fanatic, or (3) you’re an Apple obsessive.
  • But for newcomers and gadget lovers, I can’t recommend the new AirPods enough.
  • The Sun says: The ultimate earbuds for iPhone owners, these easy-to-love headphones are the simplest way to upgrade your audio game today. ★★★★★

That means you can say “Hey Siri” out loud while wearing AirPods to access the Siri digital assistant.

You’ll then be able to issue voice commands – like asking about the weather, or setting a reminder – without ever touching the AirPods.

Siri can also help you change songs, make a call, adjust the volume or get directions.

Apple promises that you’ll get 50% more “talk time” per charge, largely thanks to a redesigned version of Apple’s H1 chip.

The chip has been revamped to offer “performance efficiencies, faster connect times and more talk time”.

We’ve asked Dan Ives for details on possible pricing on new AirPods, and will update this story with any response.

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Would you pay more for a pair of waterproof Apple AirPods? Let us know in the comments!

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