Ariel Winter Looks Unrecognizable With Stunning New Hair Color

Ariel Winter might have made her acting debut and risen to fame on Modern Family with beautiful brunette hair, but when she goes red, she really sizzles. One of her latest Instagram posts showed off her fiery red locks and made the brown-eyed actress look completely different. It’s amazing how a color change can totally transform someone. 

Ariel Winter’s Latest Look Is A Head Turner

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter ditched her iconic dark brown hair for a dreamy, copper hue and she’s honestly never looked better. Somehow, the color, which Winters has turned to time and time again, makes her doe-like brown eyes look even bigger, which is really saying something. 

In the photos, the 23-year-old is almost unrecognizable thanks to the hair color and model-esque pout. In fact, if you tilt your head and squint a bit, she looks like reality star turned business mogul Kylie Jenner. Regardless of her celebrity look-alike status with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, this latest look is definitely all Winter. To balance out the colorful hue she sported on her head, Winter wore a black and white crop top blazer and matching black skirt. 

Catwalk To Boardroom Chic

Though she has a bit of a reputation for putting her gorgeous curves on display, this ensemble wouldn’t be out of place in a boardroom, as long as no one minds a bit of belly-baring. Winter captioned the photo, “What did I miss,” no doubt referencing her over a month-long absence from the social media platform. 

Notorious Dog Lover

Several people in the comment section compared the outfit to iconic Disney villain Cruella De Vil. With the red, black, and white color scheme Winter has going on, it’s actually quite the apt comparison. With Winter’s Disney background (she provided voice acting for both Sofia The First and Phineas And Ferb), she was possibly aware of the vibe her outfit gave off. 

Dalmatian puppies are likely safe in Winter’s care, unlike the villainous Cruella. We’re actually coming up on the one-year anniversary of Winter adopting an adorable shelter dog named Cobey. He’s just one of the five pooches Winter and her boyfriend Luke Benward call their own. Better not let the dogs get close, though. Dog hair would totally ruin the look, but something tells us that the actress wouldn’t mind so much. 


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