Armando Confronts His Mother For HIDING About His Engagement With Kenneth To His Father

The 90 Day Fiance first Gay Couple, Armando and Kenneth, are going strong with their bond. Despite being unaccepted by many, the two managed to earn their place in fans’ hearts. This has been one of the most understanding and loving couples of the show.

The couple was first featured in 90 Day Fiance Season 2. After facing many struggles and disagreements from the families, the couple has shown themselves firmly committed towards each other. Armando and his daughter, Hannah, took it upon themselves to teach Kenneth some Spanish and help him ease into Mexican life. Finally, on May 22, 2021, the couple came together and tied the knot, making their marriage official.

90 Day Fiance

But before this, 31-year-old Armando had to confront his mother Virginia, about hiding his engagement to the 57-year-old Kenneth from his father. Let us know what he confronted and what was his mother’s explanation to the entire scenario.

90 Day Fiance: Emotional Conversation Between Armando And His Mother, Know The Insights!

In the recent People’s exclusive Sunday sneak peek, Armando is seen to have a deeply emotional conversation with his mother. He tells his mother that he is delighted to see his Father. He thought that his father would disapprove of Kenneth. He asserts, “We are happy to be here. We were missing everyone. So I’m happy we came, and that dad hung out with us,”

Furthermore, Kenneth asks his mother if she disclosed the engagement of the duo to his father. She says “I haven’t talked to him about your engagement. I was waiting for the moment where you would speak with him.”

Armando does not seem to be very happy after knowing that his mom did not speak to his dad for so long about his engagement. He informs that last year, his mother told him not to disclose his engagement to his dad

. She said she would do it on her own. Therefore, With dismay, he says “It kind of makes me wonder if she’s still struggling with it herself, can’t come to terms with it and therefore can’t even talk to my dad about it.”

Arnold seems confused by all this and asks his mom if he should go and talk to his dad about it. Fans are curious to see the reaction of his father.

Kenny Discloses Why He Is Returning To U.S. Without Armando

In an interview in October, Kenny spoke of returning to St. Petersburg. Cassidy, Kenny’s daughter, who recently had her baby shower, is due to give birth in about five weeks. Therefore, Kenny will be coming back to take care of the to-be-mother.

Her dad Kenny will be with her to welcome the baby, but he’s sadly not being accompanied by husband Armando because, according to Kenny, “He still can’t come to the states yet.”

90 Day Fiance

Moreover, Armando will be going back to his own hometown in San Felipe, Baja, California, and Kenny will be at home in St. Petersburg.

It has been a great joy to see the couple doing their duties and taking care of the family in the chaos that they keep witnessing from outside. It would be interesting to see how Armando’s father reacts after knowing the truth about the couple’s engagement. Do you think it will be a green flag from his side? Let us know in the comment section.


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