As murderer Wayne Couzens awaits sentencing, Sarah Everard provides a timeline of events in the case.


During her killer’s sentencing hearing, shocking details about Sarah Everard’s murder surfaced.

According to the court, police officer Wayne Couzens, 48, falsely arrested the 33-year-old marketing executive before rapping and murdering her in March of this year.

Footage pieced together from CCTV cameras and dashcam footage shown at the hearing on Wednesday provided new insight into the timeline of the killing. Couzens could face a life sentence when he is sentenced on Thursday – here’s how the case has played out.

Sarah Everard in a family handout photo (Photo: Family Handout/CPS/PA Wire)

Sarah Everard murder case timeline

2002: Wayne Couzens joins the Kent Special Constabulary. Kent Police allegedly failed to investigate an indecent exposure incident involving Couzens in 2015. September 2018: Couzens joins the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), having previously worked for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC). Couzens and his wife purchase a small piece of woodland off Fridd Lane in Ashford, Kent, for . February 2019: After serving in a Safer Neighbourhood Team, the Pc joins a response team covering the Bromley area of south London. February 2020: He is assigned to the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, which is responsible for patrolling diplomatic facilities, primarily embassies. February 2021: The 48-year-old is linked to two indecent exposure allegations in London, which Scotland Yard is accused of failing to investigate. Couzens rents a white Vauxhall Astra from a car rental company in Dover, Kent, using his personal information and credit card. On Amazon, he also buys a roll of self-adhesive film marketed as a carpet protector. Couzens begins a 12-hour shift at his base in West Brompton, west London, at 7 p.m. on March 2nd. Sarah Everard visits a friend in the Clapham Junction area on the day of her disappearance and uses her bank card to buy a bottle of wine in Sainsbury’s in Brixton Hill, south London, on her way. $0 Couzens collects the hire car for at 45 p.m. 9 p.m.: Ms Everard walks home, about 2. It’s 5 miles away. $0 13pm: She spends a little more than 14 minutes on the phone with her boyfriend. $0 15:13 Ms Everard is caught on CCTV alone at the intersection of Bowood Road and the South Circular. $0 The next sighting is on Cavendish Road at 28pm, and she is still alone. $0 Ms Everard is caught on camera on a marked police car at 32 p.m. $0 35pm: A bus camera on Poynders Road captures two figures standing next to a white Vauxhall Astra parked on the pavement with its hazard lights flashing. $0 38:13 p.m.: A bus camera captures the same vehicle with both front doors open. $0 Couzens transfers Ms Everard to his own car in Dover and drives to a secluded rural area where she is raped and murdered at 38pm: March 4, 2: . On ANPR in Dover, Couzens’ Seat is picked up. He makes a pit stop at a service station to get some refreshments. Ms Everard has died by this point. $0 Couzens’ car passes a CCTV camera near Hoads Wood, where Ms Everard’s body is dumped, at 21:03 a.m. He makes two trips to the site, leaving just before dawn each time. $0 Couzens returns the hire car used in the kidnapping at 30 a.m. $0 10 p.m.: Ms Everard’s boyfriend, Josh Lowth, reports her missing. March 5th: The case is escalated, and the Specialist Crime Unit is brought in. Couzens, who is on leave until March 8, has reported to work that he is stressed. He buys petrol for and uses it to burn Ms Everard’s body and belongings inside a fridge at Hoads Wood. He spends £9 on two green rubble bags. He buys a 94 at B&Q in Dover and uses it to transport the remains to a nearby pond. Couzens emails his supervisor on March 6th, stating that he no longer wishes to carry a firearm. He orders a tarpaulin and a bungee cargo net from Amazon and has them delivered the next day. Couzens takes his wife and two children on a family trip to the woods where he had burned Ms Everard’s body only days before. March 7: Couzens takes his wife and two children on a family trip to the woods where he had burned Ms Everard’s body only days before. March 8: On the day he is supposed to return to work, the officer calls in sick. March 9, 7. . Couzens’ phone is wiped of all data at 11 p.m. $0 Couzens is apprehended at his home in Deal, Kent, at 50 p.m. He tells a false story about being threatened by an Eastern European gang in a brief interview. March 10: At around 4 p.m. A body is discovered in a pond by specialist police dogs at 45 p.m., about 100 meters from Couzens’ land. Couzens answers “no comment” in formal interviews. March 11: Couzens answers “no comment” in formal interviews. March 12th, . Couzens is charged with at 45 p.m. Couzens pleads guilty to murder at the Old Bailey via video link from Belmarsh high security prison on July 9th. Couzens faces a possible life sentence when he is sentenced on September 29th, .

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Wayne Couzens: Sarah Everard’s killer will be sentenced today and could face a life sentence

What will happen next? The judge, Lord Justice Fulford, will deliver his verdict after hearing from defense barrister Jim Sturman QC on the second day of Couzens’ sentencing hearing on Thursday, September 30.

The prosecutor Tom Little QC has suggested that her ordeal could be summarized as “deception, kidnap, rape, strangulation, and fire,” and that the case is so exceptional that it could warrant a whole life order.

These are reserved for the most dаngerous members of society, аnd Couzens would be sentenced to deаth. The court hаs аlso heаrd powerful testimony from Ms Everаrd’s fаmily, with her mother Susаn describing her dаughter’s killer аs “repulsive.” “Sаrаh died in dreаdful circumstаnces.”

“I’m tormented by the thought of whаt she hаd to go through,” she told the judge. “In her finаl hours, she wаs confronted with brutаlity аnd terror, аlone with someone intent on hаrming her.”

It’s too much to beаr just thinking аbout it. The terror of it hаs stаyed with me.




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