Balenciaga flogging £95 pants and £195 boxers which are dry-clean only

A FASHION firm is knocking out £95-a-time pants and £195 boxers which are dry-clean only.

The undies from Spanish firm Balenciaga are too precious for normal washing machines.


Balenciaga’s dry-clean only pants are on sale at a whopping £95 a pop

Potential buyers are also warned: “This product cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.”

Another high-end fashion firm is knocking out socks at a staggering £660 a pair.

Miu Miu has a pair of red woollen jobs with a few sequins sewn on for the eye-popping price.

There is also a brown checked alternative costing a tenner less. Buyers are told: “These socks are characterized by the sophisticated jacquard knit.

“They have a refined sequin embellishment.”

Balenciaga accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ over $1.2k sweatpants with boxers peaking over the waistband


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