Best Friends Of 60 Learn Shocking Truth About Themselves

Six decades later and nearing the end of 2017, two best friends discovered they might share something more in common than just companionship. Both on a journey to unearth more about their blood, the two brothers’ X-chromosomes led them straight into each other’s familial arms.

Walter Macfarlane and Alan Robinson met in 6th grade. Through playing football together on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii and trying to beat one another at cribbage, they carved out a bond for life.

Their resemblance was uncanny, with many individuals asking the young boys if they were related, but the two shrugged it off. Later on, Macfarlane joked that he always thought they looked similar because they are from Hawaii, but a revelation was on the way that was not as funny as it was touching.

These best friends’ lives have been consistently entwined from the football field to this combined realization, but their connected paths continued long after childhood. They made plans to travel and retire together.

However, these joints expeditions only began right before Christmas of 2017, when they had just discovered something unique. Robinson penned that this hidden treasure was the best holiday present he had ever received.

This finding only came about after both went on their own adventure. Since he had no idea who his biological father was, Macfarlane went on a mission to find him. Meanwhile, Robinson, who was adopted, was on his expedition to discover more about his blood-related family.

Her parents were forced to tell her the truth.

Through their voyages, the duo found that they share the same birth mom via DNA from the genealogy company’s website Macfarlane referred to the revelation as a miracle, as the siblings prepared to let their families know the astounding news.

The half-brothers decided to announce their findings at Macfarlane’s daughter’s party to double the celebration. Upon the public declaration of their biological connection, Macfarlane’s relatives burst into ecstatic applause. Robinson expressed.

“It was an overwhelming experience, and it’s still overwhelming. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to get rid of this feeling.”

Their family was filled with acceptance and warmth, with tears falling from many eyes throughout the room. Robinson stated that he sobbed so much that he could hardly see.

These beautiful biological revelations are not reserved for Macfarlane and Robinson. 31-year-old Amanda Stacy also found her way to a family member she too had no idea existed. In her case, Stacy only found out she was adopted after taking an ancestry DNA test.

The 31-year-old chose to do it out of pure curiosity, but after finding an anonymous 50% match, her parents were forced to tell her the truth. Two weeks later, Stacy met her biological mother stating that their resemblance was uncanny.

She also expressed that she holds no grudges against her adoptive parents and appreciates that they provided her with a loving upbringing.  Family is a beautiful thing, and it seems that the two brothers, as well as Stacy, have genuinely grasped this, filled with gratitude for all their relatives in their lives.


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