Bindi Irwin’s Shows Off Her Daughter Grace Being Cute With Father Chandler Powell

Recently, Bindi shared her brand new photo in the whole world – a snap of their little girl sticking her tongue out for the camera while in the arms of Chandler, who could do nothing but smile widely.

The couple welcomed Grace into the world 6 months ago, on their 1 year wedding anniversary, and since then, they have shared quite a lot of sweet moments of her with their fans.

Last week, Chandler took to his official Instagram account to post a photo of Grace that was sent to him by Bindi while he was in a zoo meeting, where the baby can be seen rocking a pair of sunglasses.

Grace will become a Wildlife Warrior like her grandfather.

According to the 24-year-old, the adorable picture made his day, so much that he decided to make it available for everyone in hopes of brightening someone’s day as well.

Bindi and Chandler, who work together at the Australia Zoo alongside Robert Irwin and Terri Irwin, have also started to introduce their baby to the animals under their care.


In one of Grace’s most recent shots, the little one is spotted reaching out for a wallaby by the name of Daniel, as well as trying to grab an owl toy being dangled in front of her by Chandler.

Despite her incredibly young age, Grace has already been around more wild and exotic animals than most people in their lifetime. including koalas, sea turtles, tortoises, and giraffes.

Grace really is the star of the family and not even Robert can stop himself from wanting to pose and spend time with the youngest member of the Irwin clan.

In a heartwarming clip shared by Bindi, fans witnessed her brother, who looks so much like their late father Steve Irwin, playing the guitar for Grace.

Not only that, but the 17-year-old also tries to teach his niece how to play several notes, with Grace eagerly reaching out for the cords and actually playing some notes on her own.

It is still quite early to tell, but it could be safe to assume that with so many positive influences around her, Grace will become a Wildlife Warrior like her grandfather in the future.


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