Bloke ‘marries his rice cooker’ before splitting up after horror revelation

In possibly one of the most bizarre wedding ceremonies, a man has reportedly married his rice cooker.

The Indonesian man has made headlines around the world after images from the ceremony went viral.

Khoirul Anam even went so far as to dress the cooking appliance as a “bride” for the special day, with a white veil and all.

In the images shared on Twitter, Anam appears to be taking the union seriously, even signing what look like official wedding papers in one shot.

In other images, he can be seen kissing his “bride”.

The Indonesian man made headlines around the world

Captioning the images, Mr Anam said: “White, quiet, good at cooking, very dreamy”.

The tweet quickly gained attention with more than 13.6K retweets, and a further 44K likes. Many people laughed at the unusual setup, while others were simply puzzled.

Shortly after the initial tweet, Anam announced that he and his cooker would be getting a divorce.

Citing that while the cooker was great at rice, it wasn’t good at making other dishes as the hilarious reason for the split.

Khoirul Anam with his rice cooker
Mr Anam is a celebrity in Indonesia who regularly takes part in bizarre stunts

However, the wedding and divorce turned out to be a social media stunt, NDTV reports.

Mr Anam is a celebrity in Indonesia who regularly takes part in bizarre stunts.

People have made lifelong commitments to everything from a rollercoaster to a game of Tetris.

Back in 2017, a woman married a train station that she had loved for 36 years – claiming she “has sex with mentally”.

A second woman went as far as marrying herself after a long-term relationship ended and she found herself single at 40.

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