Bone-chilling Footage: Mother Terrified After Capturing Paranormal Activity Near Toddler’s Crib.

When a mother placed a camera next to her baby’s bed, she didn’t expect to find anything out of the ordinary. However, when she looked at the footage, she saw something that traumatized her. 

Paranormal activity is often seen on our movie screens, but sometimes people see spooky things in real life. If lucky, they can document it on camera.

The sightings can include rays of light to evil faces, but they have one thing in common—most paranormal activities keep the viewer up all night. Since many mothers keep an eye on their children via baby monitors, they often spot unusual activity.

Erika Danielle was one such mother whose camera spotted something creepy last year. With over 15,000 comments and more than 700,000 likes, her viral video has started a heated debate online.

The short clip left the mother terrified. Now, her story has people wondering about the possibilities of paranormal activity in their own homes.

In the clip, Danielle told viewers that “something traumatic happened that changed [her] life.” A few seconds later, her baby began to wriggle unexpectedly in the crib. She also urged users to look closely so they don’t “miss it.”

This is not the first video to go viral because children were active in their sleep time. Four years ago in New York, two parents caught their twin toddlers in action as they held what can only be called an “all-night slumber party.”


However, what took place in Danielle’s home was a far cry from the New York slumber party. Her camera spotted something ominous moving over the baby’s crib, and it was so creepy that it traumatized her.

The glowing orb-like light shot over the screen very quickly. In fact, it was too quick for many netizens who couldn’t seem to see what the mother was so worried about.


Online community members said Danielle’s concern was unwarranted. However, the mother didn’t remain silent. In the comment section, she told users they shouldn’t be rude and judgemental about her experience.

Despite this, many users still engaged in the heated debate. While some also saw the “orb” and said it caused the baby to wake up from his sleep, others suggested it was just a “dust particle.”


The paranormal activity in Danielle’s clip might still be unexplained, but sometimes these unusual videos can be explained very simply. Two years ago, Chicago mom Maritza Cibuls saw a “ghost baby” in her son’s bed.

However, when she checked his room the following day, everything made sense. After her husband changed the crib sheets, he didn’t put on the mattress protector. The uncovered mattress had a sticker on it that featured a baby’s face!


Videos featuring “paranormal activity” have become increasingly popular. Whether people share them to go viral online or because they are genuinely concerned remains a mystery.

Danielle sticks to her opinions about the orb she spotted on her baby’s camera despite the overwhelming amount of doubt online. Thanks to the many baby monitors, we can expect to see more creepy crib footage like hers in the future.


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