Boris Johnson’s Horrendous ‘Build Back Better’ Puns Are Baffling The Internet


Twitter users up and down the land have been left baffled by Boris Johnson’s horrendous use of puns for his ‘Build Back Better’ campaign.

Using food items as inspiration, one video shows the PM buttering a slice of toast for a scene staged to look like his morning breakfast routine, complete with papers spread out across the table.

Slathering butter on his toast, Johnson declared ‘Build back butter’ as he looked towards the camera, appearing to be quite pleased by his pun.

In another similar clip, Johnson can be seen unfolding a chippy tea with a hearty ‘mmmm!’ before sticking in his plastic fork and proclaiming, ‘Build back batter!’

Many will undoubtedly recognise the slogan ‘Build Back Better’ from President Joe Biden’s $7 trillion coronavirus relief, economic and infrastructure package, outlined shortly before his inauguration in January.

Johnson has now repurposed the slogan for the UK’s own economic package, which he has previously declared will ‘unleash the potential of our whole country and restore the energy and confidence of the Victorians themselves’.

The choice of food items for the clips seemed especially odd given that many fear they won’t have a turkey on their Christmas dinner table this year.

As one Twitter user put it:

Who is building back better exactly? Hiking cost of everything, plunging more people into fuel and food poverty? All the hikes to cover the furlough scheme that cut adrift agency workers who didn’t have permanent employment contracts. Yet we’re expected to help pay the bill now?

In the name of all that is holy and right, what the actual f*ck is this?

Others have accused Johnson of ‘just trolling us now’, while another admitted they were becoming ‘more and more convinced that the spin doctor of BoJo is Charlie Brooker’, the brains behind the dystopian series Black Mirror.

Speaking ahead of this week’s Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Johnson promised that his government will make ‘the big, bold decisions on the priorities people care about’ as the country continues to recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


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