Brand new TikTok food trend- Feta pasta recipe got viral

Since TikTok launched, it has gifted us some incredible – and questionable – recipe ideas. Earlier this year, feta pasta was all the rage, whereas other slightly more divisive recipes such as spring roll toasties didn’t quite take off in the same way.

Now, TikTok has given us another cooking hack to add to our arsenal.

When blogger Emily Mariko shared her “best lunch of the week” to the app, she quickly gained over 31 million views and 3.5 million likes.

In the video, the 29-year-old showed her 2 million followers how she prepares her favourite lunch dish of salmon and rice, and interestingly, she used a cube of ice to prepare the meal.

Sharing the recipe on her Substack, she revealed her salmon rice bowls are made of leftover salmon and rice which is heated up in the microwave with an ice cube.

She then removes the ice, adds soy sauce, sriracha, and kewpie mayo, and serves it with roasted seaweed, avocado and kimchi.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the dish, with one person writing: “I need to try this ASAP.”

TikToker Matt Peterson, who has 5.6 million followers on the app, said he has “so many questions” but is tempted to give it a go as it looks amazing.

Another commenter said: “I literally made salmon last night just to have leftovers today to try this. It was so good!”

But why did she use an ice cube?

People took to the comments to explain that the moisture from the ice cube helps steam the rice and stop it drying out, while others report getting similar results by putting a damp paper towel over their rice before microwaving it.

Others have uploaded videos showing their own take on the recipe:

Mariko regularly received hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views on every video.

In the last week alone she has shared delicious-looking recipes for a wholesome soup and mouth-watering roast chicken with trimmings.

We’ll definitely be giving some of Mariko’s recipes a go!


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