Brazilian woman arrested for murder after ‘burning dad alive’

After evading police for months, a woman has been arrested for murder, allegedly burning her dad alive as revenge for “years of sexual abuse”.

A woman has been arrested for murder after allegedly burning her father alive as revenge for “years of sexual abuse”.

Claudia Campos Veiga, 41, who was arrested last week, allegedly told police she was inspired by the film I Spit On Your Grave, which tells the story of a rape victim who carried out revenge killings on her attackers.

Ms Veiga is suspected of killing her father Omar in Embu-Guacu, Sao Paulo, Brazil in July this year. She was captured on September 4 after two months of evading police, according to R7 news site.

Police said Ms Veiga told them she had been abused by her father as a teen and planned to kill him after watching the film. She also said she told her brother about her plans days before doing it, police said.

An ex-boyfriend of Ms Veiga said in a statement to police that she had wanted to take revenge on her father for around 30 years.

Omar Veiga, 65, had spent the last five years living in a homeless rehab centre and was occasionally visited by his children there.

It is alleged that Ms Veiga, who lived in Amazonas, Manaus – a four-hour flight away from Sao Paulo – regularly flew to visit him after coming up with her plan.

On July 9, the suspect allegedly invited her father on a hike and along the route reportedly tied him to a tree and set him alight, according to police.

However, police have said Omar’s body showed no signs of aggression and investigators are looking into whether he was indeed tied and burned alive.

Rogério da Silva Leite, a volunteer from the rehab home, said he grew suspicious when the pair failed to return and went to look for them. It was then that he spotted smoke and flames in the distance, later discovering Omar’s charred body.

Mr Leite said: “The girls splashed water on their bodies [sic] and we spread out through the woods to see if we could find her [Ms Veiga], but nothing.”

Daughter visited father at rehab home

A worker at Omar’s home, Cristiano Ruiz, said Ms Veiga hugged her dad when she arrived that day “like a daughter who loves her father”.

He said: “[Omar] was very closed, he didn’t comment anything about the past. He was very reserved, but he paid attention to his daughter, he was happy.”

According to local reports, Ms Veiga had visited her dad about three times and on the second trip, invited him to live with her.

“The second time she came, which I saw, she wanted to take him away. She said: ‘Father, let’s live with me,’” Mr Ruiz told Ricmas news outlet.

Suspect evaded police for months

Ms Veiga frequently moved locations until her arrest this month, according to local media.

It was only a few years ago that she reportedly told her family a few years ago that she had been sexually abused by her father as a teen, according to Globo.

When police released a photo of Ms Veiga, the woman was recognised as being a someone who sold necklaces and bracelets on beaches across Praia Grance region, according to news website Olhe Agora.

The suspect is being held in preventive custody at the Colatina Women’s Prison as the investigation continues.

This story first appeared on The Sun and is reproduced with permission


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