Brianna Wu Writing For New Gamergate Themed TV Series

Gamergate, a harassment campaign centered around sexism and anti-progressivism in video game culture while claiming to be about ethics in video games journalism, has been an extremely hot topic ever since it began in 2014. Now one of the main women caught up in its fervor, Brianna Wu, is working with Mind Riot Entertainment to create a television series based on her experiences according to Deadline.

Wu, alongside Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, were some of the main targets of Gamergate during its heyday. Wu was at one point forced to leave her home for her safety due to the enormous amount of death threats she received. These experiences will be part of what inspires the new series titled Gamergate.

“We’re not going to retread the same story told in thousands of news stories from outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post, plus multiple documentaries like GTFO.” Wu said. “Our series will focus on new, fictional people within the industry reacting to a horrific situation. By explaining how they were unable to stop the video game industry from being hijacked by the lunatic fringe – we can show how the tactics of Gamergate were the same ones that led to tragedies like Christchurch and January 6th.”

Jonathon Keasey, the producer of the project, also commented, “Working with Brianna is a huge score for us. Based in Seattle, one of the country’s meccas for gaming, we’ve been wanting to shed light on this subject matter for a while and are honored that Brianna will be co-writing the series.”

There’s no word yet on when Gamergate will release.


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