Bride fumes as sister-in-law attends wedding in white dress that’s ‘lighter than hers’

A bride wasn’t impressed when her sister-in-law showed up to her wedding in a floor-length white dress.

The only way you could distinguish which woman was getting married was by looking for the one holding the bouquet.

So understandably, the lass was angry to be upstaged on her big day.

On Reddit, she wrote: “My sister-in-law wore a dress a shade lighter than mine to our wedding, posted my wedding dress on all her socials, and then ignored us when we asked her to take it down…

“I am the one with the bouquet. My dress was champagne coloured.

“My sister-in-law was wearing a dress that was lighter than mine. It’s kind of hard to discern the difference from the photos.”

A picture of the sister-in-law, groom and bride has gone viral on Reddit

The couple were so fuming that the groom contemplated removing his own sister from the reception.

His wife explained: “My husband is in the middle. He was going to kick her out but I asked him not to.

“She likes the attention and I didn’t want our day overshadowed by her.

“He did his best to keep me away from his entire family and he ignored her completely before and after the pictures were taken. He refused to speak or look in her general direction.

“This was one of three pictures that we had with her. He was grimacing in all of them.

“His parents took this picture because the photographer avoided her entirely.”

Angry bride
Many could see why the bride was so annoyed

As the sister-in-law is from a culture where wearing white to weddings isn’t a faux pas, the bride made her thoughts very clear before the big day.

She said: “She agreed to not wear (it).

“She actually sent me a picture of a rust-coloured dress and asked if it would be okay to wear it.

“I said yes and then she turned around and pulled this.

“She KNEW I wouldn’t be okay with it and I had no idea she changed the colour until my bridesmaids told me on the wedding day.”

To rub salt in the wounds, the sister-in-law apparently shared photos from the wedding on social media without permission.

The groom’s sibling has since been slammed for her actions on Reddit, where thousands of people have reacted to the post.

One commenter remarked: “Super weird that she dressed like a bride at her brother’s wedding.”

Another agreed: “Especially when she is standing beside him with their arms round each other and the actual bride is kinda awkwardly stood downhill from them like she’s the intruder in the photo…”

A third said:”Without the bouquet, I would not be sure which of you was the bride. Ugh.”

And a fourth added: “All for that sweet attention and drama.”


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