Bride hopes to undergo surgery before wedding day to ‘feel like a virgin again’

A woman hopes to undergo surgery ahead of her wedding day to “feel like a virgin again”.

The bride enjoyed a “colourful sex life” during a lot of casual dates before deciding to finally settle down.

But despite her wild dating life, the female, who lost her virginity at the age of 15, wanted to feel pure again for her wedding night.

She said: “I had a wild dating life since I lost my virginity at 15 years old.

“I have been very experimental sexually all my life, going to swingers’ parties, fetish clubs and so on.

“But it was important to me to settle down and have a family.”

The 34-year-old, from Bristol, was looking for someone special when she met her 35-year-old fella on an online dating app.

She wants the night with the man of her dreams to be perfect

She revealed: “Not only did we have so many things in common, it was like we had known each other in a previous life.

“Travel, hobbies, food and our love for dogs was amazing, but humour and emotional compatibility made us soul mates.

“The only difference was that he had only had two sexual partners and both had been long-term relationships.

“And whereas I was very confident and experienced sexually, he was very unworldly and innocent when it came to sex!”

But the woman was honest with her future husband about her sexual history, reports Sun Online.

And when he popped the question, the couple hadn’t even enjoyed a night of intimacy together.

Now in a bid to “feel brand new again” to her partner, the woman decided to look into hymen reconstruction surgery.

She admitted: “He is my soul mate and I wanted the first time we had sex to feel brand new for me.”

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She is now tying the knot to a fella she met on a dating app

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The woman, who wants to become a re-born virgin, is considering the operation which sees the hymen sewn back up.

In a procedure which takes 1-2 hours, the cost could vary from £1,700 to £3,000 in the UK.

She added: “I’ll be losing my virginity to the man of my dreams.

“Even though it’ll be painful, it’ll make my wedding night feel traditional and romantic.”


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