Bride-to-be’s engagement ring savagely mocked by ‘Karens’ so she hits back

A woman has slammed a group of trolls for calling her engagement ring “ugly” after finding a whole thread on Facebook dedicated to insulting it.

Alison Kay Bowles, a US model, got engaged in 2019 and showed the five-carat diamond engagement ring on social media.

She made a tongue-in-cheek video for TikTok in which she was “buying my fiance a $5 coffee after he bought me the engagement ring of my dreams”.

The video was then shared on Facebook where the ring was cruelly mocked by trolls, with Alison later discovering the thread and uploading a video about it on September 7.

One of the comments reads: “I don’t drink coffee nor understand the Starbucks hype, but even I’d chose coffee over that cubic zirconia c*ap”.

A second troll blasted: “Considering that ring is fake AF, a $5 coffee might be a good trade.”

Someone else said the marriage would only last “seven months” and another called the ring “ugly and gaudy”.

When one admitted she thought the ring was rather pretty, another said: “Sorry about your poor taste in rings.”

The five-carat diamond ring was mocked on Facebook

Directly hitting back at another one of the trolls in the group in a video uploaded on September 14, Alison says: “You may not like my ring and that’s fine because the ring is mine and I like it, and my fiancé who loves me gave it to me.”

Alison then told the troll to reconsider being part of a group that “stalks, harasses and shames people”.

The video was watched more than 400,000 times and people leaped in to defend Alison, with many viewers reckoning the trolls were jealous and petty.

One user commented: “My favourite is people saying they’d never want this ring. Girl please that’s a lie.”

Another viewer said: “How can you make fun of this ring it’s literally perfect?”

Someone else joked: “Aww they spend all their time thinking about you… sounds like a lil crush.”

A fourth quipped: “Lmao no way! These gals are bitter with envy that’s actually hilarious.”


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