British couple ask Twitter if they should stay in Germany when they retire and the responses are illuminating

A British couple living in Germany asked Twitter’s hive mind whether they should stay in the country or return to the UK when they retire and the responses were pretty depressing.

Posting on the platform, the couple said they were “coming to a major decision point in our lives”, having lived abroad for 20 years, and needed advice about whether to take the “big step” and come back.

The tweet went viral and had more than 2,000 responses from people eager to give their two cents on the situation. But Brits weren’t sure whether it was worth returning to their home turf, and had some pretty grim words to say about the state of the country.

Some pointed out that the supply chain crisis, in which a shortage of HGV lorry drivers is causing supermarkets and petrol stations to be understocked, was making life in the UK difficult:

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Those against Brexit also argued it would be preferable to stay in a country in the EU:

Others claimed the country is going downhill and said the UK has got a lot worse in the last 20 years:

indy100 contacted the couple to ask them if they have decided what they are going to do now they have received such a large number of responses.

They said: “No not yet,” but noted “follower opinion is massively against returning.”



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