Britney Spears Shares Pictures With Her Sons Showing How They Have Grown Up

In addition to being an international pop sensation, Britney Spears is also a mom to two teenage boys. Her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden Jamie Federline, are now 15 and 16 years old respectively.

It has been years since the world caught a proper glimpse of Spears’ children in the media. As a result, it is surprising to see how grown they look in a recent social media appearance that rarely happens.

Professional dancer and CEO of Movision Entertainment, Eddie Morales recently posted a slew of images on Instagram. Featured in a majority of the pictures are Spears’ teenage sons, looking more grown-up than ever.

Morales’ picture slideshow showed the two boys standing closely and smiling beside the entrepreneurial dancer. Some of the slides also showed the boys’ father hanging out with Morales and a group of friends.

Although Federline and Spears are famous parents, their children have managed to stay out of the spotlight. Keeping away from the public eye also seems to have worked out for the best, seeing how content they look.

Both boys flashed wide-eyed smiles and comfortable poses in the images, giving off a generally happy vibe. Moreover, Morales’ caption praises Federline as a father, which is a subtle confirmation that the boys are doing great.

Spears also shared a rare update on how her sons were doing after their birthdays. Like a true mom, she revealed she cried seeing her babies in suits for a school dance and explained how they take charge:

“I have to ask their permission to post them because they are extremely independent little men.”

In addition to letting fans know how much her children have grown, Spears gushed about their talents. Morales’ recent Instagram post shows off one of these talents as Jayden passionately plays the piano in one slide.

Spears and Federline have shared custody of their sons; however, the arrangement was amended to a 70/30 split in 2019, with Spears receiving the lesser amount. However, things could change with her conservatorship case developments.

Spears’ father, Jamie, was recently suspended from his role as his daughter’s conservator after allegations of conservatorship abuse. One of the allegations is that Jamie would demand obedience from Spears by threatening less time with her sons.

Thankfully, now that Jamie is out of the picture, Spears will no longer live in fear of missing her children’s important milestones. Hopefully, we will be seeing more of the handsome young men in the near future.


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