Britney Spears Sparks Concern Air-Guitaring In Zero Gravity Shorts

Britney Spears is jamming out on an imaginary guitar while in gravity-defying shorts, and the #FreeBritney movement just isn’t giving her a break. The 39-year-old pop princess, currently eyeing up freedom as dad Jamie Spears files to end her 13 years of conservatorship, has been showing off her home dance moves in another free-spirited video, but her Instagram followers managed to find reason to shade the whole thing.

Posting ahead of the weekend, the Grammy winner made it extra abs and legs as she joyfully danced around her living room, with the video bringing an unusual addition.

Britney Spears Air Guitars In Teeny-Tiny Shorts!

Scroll for the video, one shared with the “Toxic” hit-maker’s 34.1 million followers. Spears, fresh from a brief Instagram hiatus after announcing her engagement to boyfriend Sam Asghari, was seen happy and carefree while in minuscule and patterned green shorts.

Shimmying her killer hips and twirling around at rapid speed as she rocked a tiny light bralette, the blonde sent out her bombshell body and her sense of fun while air-guitaring to Lenny Kravitz, telling fans:

“Repost because I shared the wrong version !!!! Sorry I like long hair to twirl … so this is me after vacuuming my living room with this bomb 💣 new glade Hawaiian 🌺 breeze carpet cleaner !!!!!”

See The Video Below

The mom of two continued: “This song by Lenny Kravitz is a fun one to dance to … of course my favorite lyric is I WAS BORN !!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL and don’t forget to stay grateful and say your prayers folks.”

Ensuring the haters get their response, the star also took a moment to address recent hate she got over her engagement getaway photos – these marked Spears’ return to Instagram last week after a shock Instagram delete. The singer had shared photos of herself all blonde as she said the photos were recent, but fans were quick to question where the recent pink hair had gone.

 “Pssss my red dye came out in the shower 🚿 and it looked like a crime scene 😬👻🩸!!!” she added.

Fans Still Worried

The video, now viewed over 4 million times, has attracted a massive response. Fans, still convinced Britney Spears isn’t the one controlling her Instagram, are weirded out. “Where is the real Britney?” one asked. Over 3,000 users liked a reply reading: “The most confusing Instagram page I have ever seen.”

“Please someone actually look after her,” a further fan wrote. Spears, meanwhile, continues to reassure fans that she’s fine. Convincing the fanbase is clearly still a work in progress.


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