Brits in heated debate over whether it’s ‘rude’ to not offer tea to tradesmen

Us Brits love to get into a foodie debate – especially when it comes down to the food and drink you offer in your own home.

That’s why a debate has kicked off on Reddit about whether to provide hot beverages to tradies doing work on your house.

With many of us working from home now, the desire to make yourself a quick brew can be instantly fulfilled by popping your kettle on.

However, with the likes of tradesmen – who are unable to work at home – they do not have the same privileges.

The Reddit post that kicked off the debate was titled: “If you have someone come to your house to do some work and not offer them a tea or coffee then you’re an ar**hole.”

The original poster added: “Especially if they’re working outside all day, like come on man I’m f***ing gagging here.”

Some people in the comments agreed with the original poster and argued that you should always provide tea and coffee to tradesmen.

Is it really that rude not to offer tradesman a cup of tea?

One person commented: “We have tea bags and coffee in our cupboards that literally only exist for when tradespeople or visitors come round.”

Another user said: “Being the weirdo I am, I don’t drink hot drinks at all and pretty much only drink water or alcohol in my house. I often offer them a glass of water but don’t think it’s really the same.”

However, many people believed that tradesmen shouldn’t feel entitled to a cuppa.

One person said: “I don’t drink tea or coffee so rarely have them in the house. There will be others who are the same. If you want a hot drink then bring a thermos.”

Should tradies expect to get a cuppa?
Should tradies expect to get a cuppa?

Another added: “They’re there to do a job. I pay them for said job and with the rates they charge they could buy me a new kettle each time they turn up.”

Whilst a third user added: “I expect you to bring your own food and drinks/go get them.”

Even a tradesman jumped into the debate: “I’m an electrician, if you’re already paying me and as long as you aren’t rude I really don’t care.”

Let us know in the comments if you think it is rude not to offer tea…

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