Brits react to ‘full American breakfast’ – and some say they’re ‘offended’ by dish

A foodie recently divided social media users after posting a snap of their “full American breakfast”, which some dubbed “terrible” and ‘real bad”.

The poster, known as kcrab91, shared a snap of their meal on Reddit, where a snap showed off a plate of shoelace spuds, bacon, fried eggs, sausages and toast.

But, many commented that it couldn’t compare to a full English and some were even “offended”.

Others noted that usually a full American breakfast comes with pancakes – so the foodie was being disingenuous.

Some stated that they thought the meal looked “delicious” and was served with “perfect over easy eggs”.

But clearly that didn’t hold any sway with Brits who said they’ll “stick to a full English fry up”.

Would you choose this brekkie over a full English?

And, we have to admit that the sausages look somewhat cremated and the bacon dry.

One commenter said: “Is it just me or does this suck, so hard?”

While another added: “Proud to be British right now”.

Another noted: “It’s not a full American breakfast without three pancakes and one biscuit covered in sausage gravy you pleb. and another commented: “As a Swiss, this potato dish offends me mildly.”

“That’s not toast, that’s barely warm bread,” added another while another said: “That bacon looks terrible.”

Someone else replied: “Looks like turkey bacon. And the sausage links look really bad, too.”

“Looks microwaved,” added a disgusted bloke, but a more positive poster noted: Nah those eggs are pretty as hell.”

People said the meal had nothing on a full English
People said the meal had nothing on a full English

Another Redditor added: “My go-to breakfast whenever I can eat a proper one. I like to slather my eggs/potatoes in salsa if I can get it.”

But, while some looked keen it was clear that the American breakfast just couldn’t beat a fry up.

One Brit noted: “Clearly haven’t had a full English before. WTF is this monstrosity lol.”

And another added: “I thought this was a satirical jibe at an American’s attempt at a Full English at first.”

When asked why he’d used turkey bacon, the OP replied: “The CFO of one of my previous employers had a pet pig. He claimed they made great pets and could be taught to use a litter box.”

How bizarre…

Would you eat this breakfast over a full English? Tell us in the comments…

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